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  • Sounds familiar ur not alone Change your mindset off diet and about healthy eating. I have had success with that, I know I have regained my weight many times, I would diet to look better and to be done so I could go back and eat the way i wanted to! It does not work, I ATE A LITTLE PORTION OF MY TREATS PORTION CONTROL was…
  • Hi I am in that boat with u we have a new beginning today lets turn this around, we all know we can do this because we have done it before! We can learn from our previous falls and not repeat them I saw a good quote over Xmas "don't waste today worrying about yesterday". Good luck
  • U can do anything if u really want to. I remember those college days and the eating was a real problem. Try to keep rice to a small portion and increase the chicken, also fill up on salads and drink a lot of water to flush out the fat. You r smart to focus on this now when ur young! I am 75 and Wish I had ccmmitted my self…
  • Get right back to it and stay away from the scale for at least a week try not to spend ur time worrying about yesterday look forward to improving today good luck
  • 75 yr old Grammy lost 20 lbs last yr on mfp and want to get off 10 more this yr. would enjoy being friends with u and help each other to reach our goals good luck and hope to hear from u
  • Great post and true. Decide what u really want to lose not what u wish to lose then work for it, I am refocusing. After 460 days with mfp lost my way over the holidays but will fix things starting today