I lost 7 pounds in three weeks. Then Christmas came. Literally 1 day. Didn’t totally overdo it. But I gained every pound back. Everyone says “it’s only water because you didn’t eat 11,500 calories”. Well it’s been a week of tracking. Why hasn’t this “water” come off and why is it being stubborn?!?!


  • neesa_ross
    neesa_ross Posts: 39 Member
    Don’t get discouraged! Weight loss is a journey and even though you lost the weight you could have put it back on through water weight or bloating. Just keep working hard and it will come off. Also try to look for other non-scale victories instead of focusing on the weight. For example, do you have more energy, are your clothes fitting better. Give yourself credit for those things not just the weight loss. You can do it!
  • Carolsbeach
    Carolsbeach Posts: 6 Member
    Get right back to it and stay away from the scale for at least a week try not to spend ur time worrying about yesterday look forward to improving today good luck
  • 88olds
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    I have a WL message board buddy who says this- We get the weigh in we deserve over time. But not always when we expect it.