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  • Hey everyone. This challenge is going well so far. I’ve lost a lot of the water weight that I had gained. Original weight: 200lbs August SW: 180.4lbs 8-4-18: 176.8lbs August goal: 173lbs Ultimate GW: 140s-150s Good luck everyone!
  • I’m in. Will be weighing in on Saturdays. OW: 200lbs August SW: 180.4lbs August goal: 175lbs Ultimate GW: 140-150 (depends on how I look & feel) July has been a month of 0 losses thanks to endless parties & vacation. Time to kick some fat in August. Good luck everyone.
  • Hi everyone. Going good so far. Original weight: 200lbs July SW: 179.8lbs UGW: 140s-150s 7-3-18: 179.8lbs 7-10-18: 177.0lbs Total loss for July: TBD Good luck everyone
  • Hi everyone. Ready to start the July challenge. OW: 200lbs July SW: 179.8lbs July goal: 175lbs Ultimate GW: 140s-150s 7-3-18: 179.8lbs 7-10-18: 7-17-18: 7-24-18: 7-31-18: Good luck everyone!
  • I’m in. Will weigh in on the 3rd. Had a nice little cheat day yesterday and want to give my bod some time to adjust.
  • Hi everyone. I have been back on track this past week. I pulled my left groin, very painful...had a pity party and now I’m back. Determined to keep going. Original weight: 200lbs June SW: 182lbs June 1: 182lbs June 8: 181.2lbs June 15: 185.8lbs June 22: 178.4lbs Good luck everyone. We can do this!
  • Hi everyone. Original Weight: 200lbs June SW: 182lbs June GW: 177lbs Ultimate GW: 140s-150s June 1st: 182lbs June 8th: 181.2lbs Heading in the right direction. Good luck everyone.
  • Hola everyone. Ready for this June challenge. Original weight: 200lbs June SW: 182lbs June goal: 177lbs UGW: 140s-150s 6-1-18: 182lbs 6-8-18: 6-15-18: 6-22-18: 6-29-18: Good luck this month everyone.
  • Hello everyone. Wrapping of this May challenge with a loss of 4.2lbs. Yay! 5-3: 1868lbs 5-10: 186.4lbs 5-17: 185.6lbs 5-24: 183.6lbs 5-30: 182.6lbs Can’t wait to be under 180. See you at the next challenge.
  • I’ll be back in June for this one. Still finishing the May challenge. These challenges have helped me get back on track.
  • Hi everyone. OW: 200lbs May SW: 186.8lbs May GW: 183lbs Ultimate GW: 140-150s 5-3-18: 186.8lbs 5-10-18: 186.4lbs 5-17-18: 185.6lbs 5-24-18: 183.6lbs 5-31-18: Total loss for May: - 3.2lbs Weight is heading in the right direction. Keep up the great work everyone.
  • Hi guys. Hope everyone is doing well. OSW: 200lbs May SW: 186.8lbs May goal: 182 but realistically probably 183 5-3: 186.8 5-10: 186.4lbs 5-17: 185.6lbs Total loss May (as of now): 1.2lbs Weight loss is going slow this month but a loss is a loss.
  • Hi everyone. Original weight: 200lbs May starting weight: 186.8lbs May goal: 182lbs UGW: 140-150lbs 5-3-18: 186.8lbs 5-10-17: 186.4lbs (gained 2lbs over the weekend after eating at the mall and have just lost it)
  • Original starting weight - 200lbs May starting weight - 186.8lbs (weighed in on 5-3) May goal - 182lbs Ultimate goal - 140-150lbs May 3rd-186.8 May 10th- May 17th- May 24th - May 31st - Total loss for May -
  • I’m in. I did the April challenge which gave me the boost I needed to keep going. Original weight: 200lbs Starting weight: 188.4lbs May Goal Weight: 183lbs Ultimate GW: 140-150lbs 5-3: 5-10: 5-17: 5-24: 5-31: Good luck everyone. We can do this!
  • Hi everyone. I fell off for a little while after my corrective eye surgery, still a little blurry but back. Original starting weight: 200lbs April goal weight: 188lbs Ultimate goal weight: 145-160lbs 4-1: 193.4lbs 4-8: 190lbs 4-15: 187.6lbs 4-22189.4lbs (after falling off the wagon) 4-29: 188.4lbs (back on track) Total…
  • I’m in. Need motivation and support. I also give support as well. Will check back in during May.
  • Hi everyone. Forgot to post yesterday. Original starting weight: 200lbs. April goal weight: Whatever I can reach Ultimate GW: 150-160lbs April SW: 193.4lbs 4-8-18: 190lbs 4-15-18: 187.6lbs Total loss so far: 5.8lbs This challenge is just the kick in the butt I needed to get the scale moving again in the right direction.…
  • Original starting weight - 200lbs April starting weight - 193.4lbs April goal - 187lbs Ultimate goal - 150-160lbs April 1 - 193.4 April 8 - 190.0lbs April 15 - April 22 - April 29 - Total loss for April: 3.4lbs down Had a good week. I still managed to lose despite being sick & unable to exercise for most of the week. I…
  • Hi everyone. This will be my first challenge. I started out strong but have been slacking in the diet dept lately. Hoping this will help give me some extra needed motivation. Original starting weight - 200 lbs April goal - 188 lbs Ultimate goal - 160 lbs April 1 - 193.4 April 8 - April 15 - April 22 - April 29 - Total loss…
  • Hi everyone. Looking forward to my 1st challenge. Original weight: 193.4lbs April starting weight: April goal: 188lbs Ultimate goal: 150lbs April 1: April 8: April 15: April 22: April 29: Total loss for April:
  • Hi everyone. I have 30lbs to lose. I’m active, log daily, and have an open diary. Would love more friends to help keep me accountable. I’ll give support in return.
  • Hi everyone. I’m 31 and from FL. I’ve been “adulting for a while now. I have about 30 more pounds to lose. I want to be on great shape, look good, and feel good. I log regularly and have an open diary. Let’s adult together.
  • Hi. Glad you’re still fighting. Feel free to add me.
  • Hi. Feel free to add me. I’m from Miami, Florida.
  • Hi. Feel free to add me. I have about 30 more pounds to lose.
  • Hi. Feel free to add me.
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  • Hi. Feel free to add me
  • Hey. Feel free to add me. Need the same thing.