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  • 1 mile down on my way to the campground would have walked more but already frozen from the 37 degree motorcycle ride to my daughters this morning to store my bike for winter 🥶.
  • I have a walking buddy at work when I go to the office we usually walk at least 45 minutes and cover a little over 2.2 miles. Sometimes I walk alone and it is good to clear your head. Maybe I will make my own walking challenge this month where would I go in my are? Maybe I could walk to the camp ground we went to this…
  • The end of another month hopefully October will be a more productive month for me but overall I am pleased with how Sept has gone now to continue to move ahead.
  • Accountability. Challenge yourself. Do you dare? I do, I have been a member of this challenge for a long time and the support advice and encouragement is astounding from this group of individuals. No matter where you are in your healthy journey this group is the place to be. I have lost a fair amount of weight before this…
  • Well fast approaching October I do hope to have a more productive month maybe I just need to look at what I accomplished not what I didn’t get accomplished. Let’s see my meditation still happens each morning, I still log and track my food and I have a new day to try again I guess I can’t ask for more than that but will be…
  • My month is going well weight dropping, spinning increasing and on a whole paying more attention to what goes in my mouth. Some days are harder than others but it’s working I just need to remember that there is no wrong food just some to have in moderation.
  • All going as well can be expected
  • @jamcnewman maybe next challenge we could get you to the Game of Thrones, cardio flexibility and strength your already there !
  • Got some spin in rode to some good tunes AC/DC, poison and a few others did a little strength work but no major shoulder work
  • @77tes thank you I will check them out not so bad today but will still be cautious Great birthday mom was waiting for us dad was wondering where we were a nice birthday
  • I have been avoiding the rower and some weights I think I did something to my left arm up by the shoulder I hope it over use and not rotator cuff related it gets so sore at night. But moving forward have done well with walks, weight up and down, still incorporating more fruits and veggies will get there slow but sure.…
  • 2/2 this week for lunch time walks not bad considering I am only in the office 2 days this week so far ! Rowing has increased also slowly getting there
  • My Sept goals are to lose some pounds, increase my overall exercise, walk more. I walk a fair amount everyday but want to re connect with more consistent lunch time walks I think the high humidity got me this summer I should probably just learn to accept it’s probably the new normal! I would also like to do some…
  • @MadisonMolly2017 wow that’s a lot but I am sure that it will come together for you it’s not easy seeing children get older and move away but we must trust in ourselves that we have given them a solid foundation for life. The mouse in the house…well I have kept them out but the chipmunks have found the wood pile I will…
  • Picking away at Augusts work knowing some will roll over to September but that’s ok. Meditate and tai chi still working well.
  • Overall a good day room for improvement but isn’t that always the case? Purchased one more 8lb weight for arm work now I have a pair but I feel weak I know I am not it’s just the elbow screws acting up again so I guess I need to be careful but it makes me feel strange when 8lbs are a lot in certain arm positions. I tried…
  • Re arranged my habit tracker sheet will give this one a try. Decided to add in a spot for evening snacking I know it’s mid month but why wait till September? Played some guitar this evening hope to read a bit other habits are going well.
  • My night time munching is creeping back in so I need to refocus in that area. My meditation has a strong place in my morning routine I am still struggling with the best spot to put spin and rowing. I have been reading atomic habits and he does have some good ideas trying to find a good place to put them in. I will keep…
  • Just dropping in to say hi, playing guitar more still exercising and almost in the middle of Atomic Habits I actually bought my daughter a copy and she is finding it insightful. Made homemade chili with Boca crumbles this evening really good so still trying to stay focused on good food without added stuff.
  • I got my lunch time walk in the heat index was close to 100 but the three of us made. Best part my aluminum free deodorant Hey Human is working really well much better than all the others I have tried
  • Sounds like many of us have similar goals/aspirations this month we can do this sometimes it seems really hard but we can get there. Past couple of days have been okay humidity high which makes for difficult workouts but chugging along. Maybe a lunch time walk but a heat advisory already posted lots of water ??
  • August is upon us and I have some tasks to work on; I would like to drop my last 5 lbs that almost seems impossible. I have adjusted calories and rarely eat back exercise calories unless a very strenuous day. I want to work on my guitar more frequently. Relax on vacation in August. Finish Atomic Habits and see what I can…
  • Where did July go? My habits are still a work in progress my exercising has been so much better this month I found my “round to it”. That makes for a happier me. Still need to work on areas but one thing at a time and it will come full circle. Staying the course for the remainder of July thinking ahead for August.
  • It’s been awhile since I posted but, my meditation has firmly become a habit my tai chi is good most days and I am making a very conscious effort to eat clean that has been easier than in the past. I continue with my rowing, spinning and walking each day plenty of outdoor exercise.
  • I only did my meditation today not a great day took a sick day from work headache etc will monitor but did keep track of food/fluid intake that’s a win!
  • I have done my strength work for the day a nice walk at lunch at the fair grounds and some weight work with my kettlebell getting a bit sore in the hips but it’s a nice sore.
  • Second try for some reason things don’t save on the iPhone app anymore it’s getting frustrating. July is the start of the second half of 2022, I have met some of my goals and others are still progressing. This month I would like to re focus on my exercise it will be a challenge as it gets so humid here at times but I will…
  • Such an awesome supportive group of individuals so glad to be part of this challenge
  • 3 days of walking now the rain has come so it may be house pacing tomorrow 😂
  • Completed 2 days of walking hoping to get my 4 for the week but the weather not looking good.