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  • Google the “Gell-Mann amnesia effect”. It’s not scientific at all (Michael Chrichton - the author - coined the term), but it rings true.
  • I had high triglycerides a few years ago. I just ate more fish (sardines or kipper snacks with lunch 3-4 days/week). Got it in line pretty quickly. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/16832161/ ETA: the above link just says that omega 3s are known to cause lower triglycerides, but we don’t know why. It was the first…
  • Yeah, I don’t get hungry either. If I’m not eating enough, I go straight to lightheaded, feeling weak, no energy, sweating. Never really hit “hungry”.
  • Healthy is a little subjective, but a nice crusty bread and some olive oil is quick and easy and goes with pretty much anything. You can season the oil with whatever you seasoned something else with (or a complementary flavor) to tie it in with the meal.
  • If you have a device linked (in your case, your garmin), you don’t need to log exercise separately. The calorie adjustment that it sends over will have that included. I’m sure there’s a right way to do it, but adding exercise with a device linked always screwed up my calories in MFP.
  • If it isn’t causing you problems, maybe don’t worry about it. You could also try leaving the light on in the kitchen so maybe it’ll wake you up enough to realize what you’re doing.
  • I subbed out my starch with dinner for a 2nd veggie most nights. Plus an actual serving is so small that between my usual lunch salad, my double/double dinner veggies (2 veggies, about 2 servings each), a piece of fruit with breakfast and random odds and ends (veggies in soups, etc), I’m doing pretty well.
  • I doubt it’s the same for everyone, but at least for me (and a friend on here that I talked to about it), we both lost 20lbs pretty steadily. 1-2lbs/week like clockwork, almost a new low every day. Then, switched to whooshing, so a week, maybe 10 days of nothing, or in my case, up a few pounds, then bam, down all at once…
  • You could just divide by the number of servings. Like if you use a tablespoon of oil and make four servings, log it as 1/4 of a tablespoon per serving. When factoring in that a little will stay on the spoon, a little will stay in the pan, even if your serving has a little more than the average (and even that should average…
  • What’s your age/weight/gender? What’s your goal? How active are you? Are you eating back exercise calories? If you’re even lightly active, 1400 is probably fine, but hard to be sure without more info.
  • Maybe a little, but for me it was actually being hungry sometimes, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s probably a good thing. I don’t think I had actually been hungry for more than 5-10 minutes at a time in years. If you have no energy, are you keeping calories too low? Hitting the gym too hard (and maybe not eating any…
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  • “Eating healthy” means lots of different things to lots of different people. Are there any times of day it seems more common? Any foods you eat right before it? Any foods you eat every day, or pretty much every day?
  • Is there something else you were expecting it to do?
  • You don’t need to find a calculator online - MFP will do all that math for you. Also, MFP calculations don’t include exercise, so if you want to eat more, move more.
  • Blowing your calorie goal isn’t a reason to go extra crazy at the gym to try to make up for it, but it’s also no reason to skip it. You already know that, though.
  • Also, if you know how much you put in, and it’s only for you, unless you really care about having the same amount of rice every day, it doesn’t really matter if you’re exact on a serving to serving basis. If you made 1000 calories of rice (for example), it doesn’t matter if it’s 200 each day or a little more some, a little…
  • We switched to “whole grain white” bread. It’s half whole grains and I honestly can’t tell the difference and either can my kids. Not sure what’s near you, but Wegmans has one and Sara Lee also has one. I’m sure there are others.
  • A lot of people lose a lot of weight in the first week if they change up their diet, especially if you’re reducing sodium or carbs or increasing fiber, but that isn’t fat loss. It’s just water/waste. If you didn’t change up in those ways, you might mostly be seeing fat loss while their 10-12 lbs could be mostly water.…
  • This. “Keto friendly” just means low carb. All the info you need should be on the label.
  • I had a nice steady loss for my first 3 months/30lbs and now i woosh. Nothing for a week/week and a half and then 1-2lbs down overnight.
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  • Technically a salt is any metal bonded with a non-metal. For food, unless explicitly said otherwise, salt means table salt - sodium chloride. If it’s potassium salt, it would say potassium chloride, not salt.
  • If it was just vegetables (lettuce, cucumber, a couple grape tomatoes, etc), a side salad is probably less than 100 calories. Maybe less than 50 depending on size. I usually throw in 75 for my lunch salads (similar - field greens, cucumber, shredded carrot, bell pepper). If there was other stuff on it, see if you can…
  • I’m not sure what you mean by “actively losing weight”. If you’re eating 1500 calories and exercising, at 5’ 180lbs, you’ll lose weight. Probably more than a little bit. If you’re too hungry, you probably have all of your exercise calories as a buffer you could eat back and, especially if you’re walking 10k steps/day,…
  • You said what parts of your body you want to target, but you also mention losing inches. What exactly are you trying to do? Are you trying to lose weight (fat) or build muscle?
  • If you scroll to the bottom of the thread, you can reply directly in the box at the bottom.
  • Do you mean literally at the same time (like curling dumbbells while you run)? Because no. I mean, you can, but that’s just cardio, not lifting and would probably increase your risk of injury. Do you mean in the same day? Because yes, but don’t over train. If you mean in the same program, yes. You should be doing both.…
  • I’ve been eating protein bars the past couple weeks. Quest, pure protein, muscle milk (a little cheaper and tasty), and oatmega (also cheaper and has a little bit of fish oil for some omega 3s - not a big deal, but why not?)
  • I want to be a volunteer firefighter in my town but I’m not in good enough shape yet (or at least worried about trying out and failing), so I’m holding off until I get everything done.
  • Considering 1500 is the minimum allowed for men, unless you’re a really petite guy or have a ton of weight to lose (and therefore are choosing a high rate of loss/larger deficit), even a little activity should put you over 1500. I’m losing about 1 1/2lbs/week eating about 2500/day.
  • Yeah that’s weird. Do you have negative adjustment turned on? How many steps did you do? What’s your activity setting in MFP? If you set yourself to “very active” (for example), but you’re only doing 8k steps or something and negative adjustment is turned on, it’s saying you haven’t done enough to be considered “very…