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  • You deserve a little praise, you did a lot work and should be proud of yourself.
  • Only thing I have to add is that when I eat too little for a few days it usually spells disaster for the week. I can't tell you how much you need to eat that's so hard to figure out but you may need a few hundred more calories and 200 extra planned calories are a lot easier to manage than 1000 calories you eat out of…
  • I have been Keto or close to it since April. Lately I eat a banana before a CrossFit class and protein shake with some carbs right after to help recover. Seems to be working. Keto has helped me get off of blood sugar meds and kept cravings down. Down 67 pounds. In January or February I am going to do a paleo experiment and…
  • Been a few weeks since my last update. Started CrossFit and worklout number 5 I throw out my back. Going too hard on Burpees. I am keeping my lifting weight down but there has been a lot of soreness and Monday I Tweeked my back. Light workout tonight after 2 days of rest and Advil. Hoping for a Friday or Saturday CrossFit…
  • After I got half way to my goal I dropped my weekly expectation to 1 pound or roughly .5 kg. I would think about adding a few calories and offset it with a walk or a bit longer of a workout. You know your body better than anyone and last thing anyone wants to hear is have patients :)
  • Tim Hortons with cream. Cream in coffee makes keto so much easier :) Just one with cream then I go black.
  • I think you are close. Sounds like you have your activity set and just a little fine tuning on net calories and you are good to loose. Sounds like you have some calorie dense food in the diet. LIke others said check the calories and portions. I bet you make a break through soon!
  • I will update when I get my blood work done. I am little scared because I am doing well on Keto but eat too many sausages and maybe too many eggs. It sure works keeping the hunger down. It really works on blood sugar.
  • Hey... How is your goal going? Tough stuff I tell you but you have it in you. Office work is tough on a guy that needs to be active. Just lost 65 pounds but its a struggle to keep off. we can do it!
  • Made it through a wicked man cold and got my first work out in after a week off. I think I have to remember to take a few days off every now and then I had some aches and pains and one nagging case of tendentious in my right forearm. Tonight agility training and light deadlifts.
  • 3 or 4 hard boiled eggs a day. I do them in the Instant Pot. 4 minutes pressure cook and let them sit for 25 minutes and they are nicely done. I make a dozen at a time. Nice and easy and I rarely buy lunch of breakfast at work any more. Got a full panel of blood work coming up in December so I will see if I can keep this…
  • I am planning on doing the same after a few more months. Hoping to stay off sugar, white rice and white bread. I think sweet potatoes, steel cut oatmeal and quinoe are good choices. I am watching with interest.