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  • Hi, I'm in Australia, now 70, lost a lot of weight (25kgs) just on 10 years ago when I was 60, but slowly over the years it has snuck back on and Covid isolation & lockdowns haven't helped. I'm hoping to find some other older Australians to befriend, so we can encourage each other. I know this works! I still have the…
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  • Wow, you really stuck at that, well done, changing your eating habits has had a great result :-)
  • Congratulations, it is so good when the weight comes off. :-)
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  • Hi there - I am a 69 yo female West Australian, looking to re-lose the weight I lost in 2011/12 - from 98 kilograms down 25 kilograms to 73 kilograms- but most of it has snuck back slowly and steadily when I wasn't looking! I'm 5'6" tall, I'm 92 kilograms down from a recent high of 95 kilograms, but want to get back to 75…
  • Hi I'm from Perth metro area, 68 and back looking to re-lose 15 kgs of weight - I lost 25 kgs on my first attempt. :-)
  • Hi I am 67 too; I lost 25 kgs in 2012, but 15 kgs has snuck back on, and I am back to lose the weight again. I know I can do it, but it's just that I'm lazy and lack motivation :-) but I know that logging on MFP and having supportive friends helps. It does get a bit harder as we get older because our muscle mass is less -…
  • Hi I would love to be friends - I too lost 25 kgs (55lbs) in 2012, but 15 kgs (33 lbs) has steadily crept back on. Like you, I cancelled my account and now can't find my old friends. I am in Australia. I did rejoin a few months ago, but life has been super busy. I am retired but have an elderly mother, grandchildren,…
  • Hello everyone, 67 year old Aussie wife & grandmother of 4 here. I was on MFP before and lost 25 kgs in 2012. I dropped out of MFP when there was a lot of issues about privacy online generally, and rules were changing (not just for MFP). So I dropped out, and the kilos dropped back on! Looking to lose about 15 kilos again.…
  • 67 year old Aussie here, busy wife & grandmother of four. I was on MFP from 2012, and lost 25 kgs, but 15 kgs have snuck back on when I wasn't looking (what the!!) when I left MFP for a while, and have had to set up a new profile. Looking for some like-minded people for support. Not into cleanses/detox/stuff, just…
  • Wow, looking good, and happy about that great weight loss, well done. Any secrets to share? I need some motivation! Just re-starting my weight loss.
  • Hi all, I am 67, live in Western Australia. I have lost a lot of weight once before, but some of it has snuck back on, and I need to lose about 15 kilogrames (about 30 pounds). I know that being on MFP helps. I left MFP when all the dramas were going on about internet privacy etc, and now sadly couldn't log back into that…