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  • After a couple of decades at being very obese, I decided to do something about it, and I lost about 75lbs in 11 months, just counting calories and avoiding some foods, mostly because they meant I 'd have to eat a lot less during the whole day, to enjoy a nice half lb cheeseburger. Then I got a job managing a fast food…
  • I very rarely drink water. Only when there's nothing else available. I drink diet sodas almost exclusively, though I have been known to drink club soda on occasion. I like my carbonation, and I drink about 2 2-liter bottles per day as a minimum (about 12 cans I guess). I 've been drinking that much for the last 17 years or…
  • I have been overweight for most of my life, starting at 260lbs at 18yo and going up to 390 lbs at 38 (at 6'3", 190cm), then dropped to 271 within 18 months on the Atkins diet with 5-6 days at the gym too, as I worked next to one, and the owner was a friend so I got a lifetime membership for free (Major international corp).…
  • Well, fat doesn't convert to fat, so the composition of your caloric intake would not make a difference if you burn it all. The food that your body WILL convert to fat, if you eat too many calories are the carbs. So whether you pack on the muscle or the fat depends on your carb and protein intake and your exercise. The fat…
  • Try Tahini (sesame paste/butter), it comes in several options (may be hard to find locally), such as with honey, orange, prebiotics, cocoa, etc. It is full of calories, like 100 per couple of tablespoons. If you love the taste, it is easy to pack on the weight, if you just tolerate it, then maybe in your coffee, salad…
  • Keep in mind, that if you exercise 5 days a week at the gym you may be dropping lbs of fat, but gaining on muscle, so your weight remains constant, but you are actually losing. You need to check your other measurements, or simply look how your old clothes fit now.