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  • For me -using the scale -logging on MFP -cooking as much as possible, not eating out (I sometimes "have to" eat lunch out when in office, but then I pick the best option, not necessarily the one I think I will like the most) -always having boild eggs and peeled carrots in the fridge and maybe a bit special, but for me…
  • The race is in three days. Today I ran approximately that distance, it felt great, I was able to run the full distance, without any walking. So the minigoal here is to run the full length of the race, even though it may be very slow. I am also below 66 kgs, was 65.7 this morning, and have now been below 66 most mornings…
  • I was with my kids and my ex (we don't fight or anything, I can be around him, but I much rather not). Someone I hadn't met in a while came up to me and said "you look great, you are skinnier" (can't really translate properly but she said it in a really nice way). It made me happy, and even happier as my ex heard it, bc he…
  • I am down from 70.3 to 66.8 kgs. I am now in normal BMI. Still need to lose some kgs, while adding some muscle. I am very close to 5% down, which is a nice thing, may happen in a couple of days (only need 0.1 kg down for this). However, my true minigoal is to reach my first goal - to get below 66 kgs. I think this may be…
  • Things have changed from when I joined and wrote that. I lost some weight then, but life was overwhelming, and I gained more. Stress from divorce, move and covid has lead to me overeating and "under-exercising". I am now finally starting to feel at home in my new life, and happy. The two reasons above are still totally…
  • My mini goal right now is to get to below 67 kilos. I am currently at 68.6. Hope to do this before mid-July. And I do hope I will see some decrease in my tummy.
  • 1) I want to survive. History of not-so-long lifespan in the family, partly due to lifestyle/food choices. I'm have been making bad choices as well. I want to survive and be there for my young kids. Losing planned 27.5 lbs and become more active should help. 2) I don't want to _just_ survive, I want to be fun, to be the…