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Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • lillyy23
    lillyy23 Posts: 125 Member
    hclay25 wrote: »
    I just got out of a break up and needed to focus on myself. I am almost 10 pounds down from last month so I’m at a good start. I’m hoping to lose 60 pounds.

    haha thats great kinda happened to me i had lost 10 lbs when i broke up with my ex and its like i kinda knew things werent working out and especially he started acting different when i told him i was on a weight loss journey . but i met someone who totally supports me and you will too!
  • lillyy23
    lillyy23 Posts: 125 Member
    I started to notice I was gaining weight after I had gotten below my prepregnancy weight. I didn't want to look pregnant or bigger than what I already was. I also had a relative ask me if I was having another baby. I didn't ask him why but I just knew. I've also noticed how my husband & I have been eating lately. I don't like watching him do that to his body & I'm sure he probably feels the same way.

    That is so rude. I got that comment before... like "are you pregnant" and im like...no? LOL >.<
  • lillyy23
    lillyy23 Posts: 125 Member
    I was here a little over 2 years ago with a starting weight of around 280..... i did what i had to do (exercise, eat better, monitor my calories) and got down to 230ish. I was rocking my confidence, I felt better than I had in years, my depression was less bothersome, I was essentially a different person.

    Then I met my now fiance.

    Wing Wednesdays and plenty of dates to hibachi buffet certainly add up. I gained that weight back plus extra. I'm pushing 330 now and I just can't. I have NEVER been this heavy before in my life and I absolutely hate myself. I have 0 confidence, constantly paranoid that he'll leave me for someone thinner or prettier (he won't and tries to reassure me everyday), no energy ever, depression is hitting hard again. This is just no way to live.

    Luckily he also has gained some weight, not quite as much as I have (the lucky *kitten* lol), and has been wanting to get back into playing airsoft with his buddies. So we both decided we're gonna start trying to eat better, go out less and be more active together.

    ETA: my daughter, at 8, is also pushing 100 lbs. I realize that its not all me (as when she goes to family house she just does what she wants), but she probably has learned those terrible eating habits from me to begin with, and that makes me feel like trash.

    awww girl dont feel bad its not your fault. any of it. not even about your daughter. shes just a kid and she should enjoy her time now shes growing ! but its great that you and your husband are going to do it together. I only had about idk maybe 60 lbs and now I think 50 and now the pounds are coming off a little faster because im doing things right. and for a long time I was just working out , and kinda tracking my food but on weekends I would probably eat everything back. so i took a long break and tried to maintain which i was successful this time because im not at school cause if i was i probably would have gained more back its very easily to do so especially in college. but since im not in college right now i was able to maintain. and now im back, and you know its okay if you make mistakes.. just dont give up! Try new things, I heard keto is really popular right now. I dont follow keto but i am low carb and it works for me , keto is just a little extreme. you should just start small. .figure out what you like. for me personally going to the gym kinda terrifies me, so i either walk to park in the mornings or workout at home doing beachbody i love it.
  • LovelySavannah
    LovelySavannah Posts: 145 Member
    What started my whole journey to weight loss was that I wanted to join the military, but I was 40 lbs over from the max weight that they'd accept. I finally got that done though :smile: Now I'm just wanting to lose an extra 10-20 lbs because I wanna go just a little more :smile:
  • IsETHome
    IsETHome Posts: 384 Member
    Watching tv seeing hot women (LE agent types), and I used to be like that. I want to be great looking again. I haven’t had a major upgrade/promotion in 8 years, I’ve been overweight for 8 years.....despite doing great work. That and the clothing size, and difficulty picking things up.
  • IsETHome
    IsETHome Posts: 384 Member
    When I saw a picture of myself next to my heavily pregnant cousin at a baby shower and my stomach much bigger than hers.

    The last year and a half has been a nightmare for me. I went from 165/170 lbs to 260.

    I’m going to stop eating so much rubbish and try and get fit again. I can’t even climb the stairs in my house without getting out of breath anymore.

    That sounds like you had a rough year, glad you are here on mfp!
  • dougl004
    dougl004 Posts: 93 Member
    Cheers to a happy and healthy 2019. Keep those stories coming.
  • dougl004
    dougl004 Posts: 93 Member
    Dawnvt23 wrote: »
    My pants are tight and I'm too broke to buy more. It's either lose weight or go naked this winter. 😂

    I'm in the same boat right now. 🤣🤣
  • whatalazyidiot
    whatalazyidiot Posts: 343 Member
    I don't really have a "this is rock bottom" moment. I had tried for years and years, just because of how I felt and I didn't feel confident in my own skin. This time around, I think I just ran out of reasons NOT to.
  • Amwa77
    Amwa77 Posts: 71 Member
    I came to the realization that if I truly wanted to lose weight and get in better shape bad as I constantly complained I did, then it was up to me to make it happen. Have not looked back since.
  • laurenread79
    laurenread79 Posts: 46 Member
    I won't write an essay but in a nutshell; to feel free in my body
  • noiseydonut
    noiseydonut Posts: 18 Member
    I had my first successful weight lost journey from 2010-2014. So successful that I had a surprise pregnancy in 2014. :) A year after my pregnancy I started online college and long story short I have gained 30 lbs sitting on my butt all day in the last 3 years, plus the weight I never loss from that pregnancy. I realized this when one day sitting on my couch and getting sciatic nerve pain. Time to get off my butt!
  • MurrayElliot
    MurrayElliot Posts: 17 Member
    My partner bought me some lovely 36" waist trousers for christmas, and they didn't fit. That, and the fat rolls when I look in the mirror, I decided it was time to trim up a bit