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  • On my second or 3rd verified case of Covid (sort of lost track) fully vaxed except for the most recently available booster. Symptoms (mainly cough that wakes me up at night and fatigue) worse than prior cases.
  • One doesn't go to the ER with the same pain that has been ongoing for 2 months unless directed to by a medical professional. You will sit for hours while the ER takes care (as they should) of trauma patients, heart attacks, strokes, etc. and in many cases one's insurance won't pay for it. Go back to prompt case instead.
  • Personally I would rather have a bit of burnout vs the consequences. Good luck.
  • Church was full Easter Sunday. The Sign of Peace (a handshake with those around you) was back. So nice to see.
  • Do you sit down when you get home form work? If so don't, do something. Hard to eat when moving. The couch or recliner is your enemy.
  • So when you say "overweight and our of shape", what in general are we talking? Can you walk 10 miles on a flat surface without a pack or does a mile get you out of breath? Makes a significant impact on how your question about training is answered.
  • You need to do you and not be concerned (unless they are developing a weight issue) about the quantity of food your sons are eating. Best of luck.
  • Got the memo my large corporation is going back to the office. Company speak for your butt will be back in an office most of the time lol. At least masks aren't required based on state regulations. "Over the coming weeks, we look forward to recapturing the benefits of more frequent in-person collaboration, knowledge…
  • I've had the 2 shots and the booster, had covid before the shots were available, once since I had the 2 shots. Was recently around my wife (like in hotel rooms and a vehicle for 15 hours), she had it, I never tested positive, Have a physical in June will wait to see what they are saying then.
  • Don't they have some instant messaging app? To me having those pop up every 5 minutes is much more distracting than someone walking up. So many people are sort of lazy, they won't walk 100 ft to talk to someone but will IM for things they wouldn't bother moving for.
  • I'd like to go back, only downside is I have a 80 mile RT commute and my SUV gets 20 MPG so a bit pricey.
  • People that want good jobs will go back if that is what the employer requires.
  • Sounds like most offices are wanting people back at least part time so looks like you won't be working in an office.
  • Never seen it stated but I would guess the .8g per pound of lean body weight at goal weight is just assuming 20% bodyfat. Definitely would not hurt to bump it to 1g per pound of goal weight especially for an older individual that is strength training.
  • I wore a mask when required but sure glad this isn't part of life now.
  • I set up a workout area in our 3rd garage stall in March 2020 when this hit. Used it in the spring, summer and fall until got too cold and had to put the car back in there. Luckily about that time the gym opened up again. I set it up again in the spring of 2021 to supplement my gym workouts and planning to do it again in…
  • Keep it out of your environment.
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  • Illinois dropped the mask mandate. I'm in a purple area of the state. Maybe 2 people at the gym with masks, another 1 or 2 at Sam's Club on a Saturday morning.
  • If you don't like what I passed on from a conversation with someone that has more medical knowledge than anyone posting here, you are free to scroll on by.
  • You sure have the right to disagree, but remember who you are disagreeing with, a doctor who has been working with this 16 hours a day most days of the week since Jan, 2020.
  • I'm sure the long term people are going somewhere else.
  • Just to level set, I've worn a mask when required so I'm not an anti-masker. Had an interesting conversation with a young man 2 years into his clinical fellowship (this is a 2-3 year program after medical residency) in pulmonary critical care. He started his fellowship right before the pandemic broke out in the US so has…
  • Tesla for all intents is a niche market. New vehicles use exponentially more chips than older vehicles to start with plus people are keeping their old vehicles longer so not very many old chips out there to reprogram (plus the older the vehicle the fewer chips if even the older ones can be reprogramed). Never mind that EVs…
  • True it doesn't extend to weight loss but is typical for other activities. Personal example. Our son is getting married. My wife who recently retired took several trips out of town (like a couple hundred miles round trip each) plus ordered 8 dresses on-line trying to find a mother of the groom dress. She said she didn't…
  • Realize that but still limited.
  • Used car prices are up the 40%, new cars around 15% based on average transaction price. Some of the new car increase due to price increases/sales above MSRP but also the mix has changed. Manufacturers are using the available chips in high priced, high margin vehicles rather than using the same chip in vehicles that don't…
  • Sounds like someone should be moving to China ASAP.
  • Get well soon. To be honest if I'm sick I really don't care about eating.
  • The 24% BF is probably in the ballpark. Over 4 weeks not really possibly to tell if losing muscle or fat. Your doing fine.
  • Elon didn't come up with crap. Just plagiarizing/paraphrasing Parkinson's Law: Parkinson's Law Parkinson's Law is the old adage that work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion. The term was first coined by Cyril Northcote Parkinson in a humorous essay he wrote for “The Economist” in 1955. More info:…