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  • Ok, so I looked at the links, but I have to say that box thing scares me. I need machines that keep you in alignment. I don't like free weights for that exact reason. The pulley systems are so loosely goosey I KNOW I will injure myself. Thank you so much for the feedback on the other systems though because they didn't look…
  • Thank you so much! That was REALLY helpful because I am so new to all this. I will definently check out those links. (BTW, do you have any thoughts on the Boaflex systems?)
  • [Chieflrg] I forgot to tell you that my budget is probably around $4000 if there is financing available. Also I a really bad judge of space, but I think my basement - which is L shaped - has one area around 10' by 10' and another around 10' by 12'.
  • I can't seem to figure out how to write individual replies (sorry this is my first time using community). But @Nooshi713 - thank you so much! My 50th is fast approaching and I have felt terrible about it. @chieflrg - I don't really know the correct terminology for different exercise systems because I am new to all of this.…