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  • Back in the day, I used to wear colorful scrubs with superheros, cartoons, etc. We switched to a standardized uniform a few years ago, which was good in a way, because my superhero scrubs were getting tight. Earlier this week, we did a photo shoot for our upcoming Lab Week & the theme is Avengers. I found my old Spiderman…
  • My dad had a heart scare when he was around my age - and he was in better shape than me when it happened. I realized that I was always tired, got out of breath easily & was getting heavier (& more unhealthy). It doesn't take a genius to know I was setting myself up for a bad outcome. Family & friends mean a lot to me and I…
  • @Baylees_Dad I'm in a similar boat. Several years ago, I went from 269 lbs. down to 239 in about 8 months. Things were going pretty well, but life threw a curve ball. My FIL got sick & I spent the next 6 months helping my wife take care of him... I fell out of my routine & just sort of quit working out. I also stress ate…
  • Definitely listen to music when I'm working out. I prefer driving, rock oriented songs just to get the adrenaline going, but I have an eclectic taste in music, so if "shuffle" is turned on it might go from Metallica to Maynard Ferguson to Chris Stapleton in a matter of minutes. I used to play drums, so sometimes I catch…
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  • Using the elliptical is probably the top of my list... the first time I tried it, I made it about 2 or 3 minutes & threw in the towel. One of the trainers kept encouraging me, telling me to "just go one minute longer" until I was up to 30-45 minutes with no problem. I've added more variety to workouts, but still get on the…
  • I don't think my cheap mountain bike from Walmart would fit in with these rides, but it gets the job done when I'm looking to change things up a little in my routine.
  • I've been a drummer for years, so I love listening to music with steady, driving drum beats. I lean towards hard rock or alt rock during gym workouts, but sometimes I just hit shuffle & go with the flow when I'm taking a walk. Might end up with country or jazz, who knows?
  • Aw man, now I'm ready for an alcoholic drink after reading this thread.
  • For me, I utilize exercise & the gym as a means to make sure I'm being active - and it has also turned into somewhat of a stress reliever. Before that, I'd always say I'm going to do some physical activity when I got home from work, but instead, usually crashed on the couch, watched TV & played with the cat until it was…
  • I know all too well about the post-night-shift hangover, I'm dreading it tomorrow morning. Its even worse when you're not scheduled but get called in at the last minute. Kudos for not wussing out & still getting it in.
  • January Start Weight: 248.5 lbs January Goal Weight: 245.0 lbs Ultimate Goal Weight: 215-220 lbs Jan1 : 248.5 lbs Jan 8: 248.0 Jan 15: 245.5 Jan 22: Jan 29: Jan 31:
  • Kudos to y'all! I consider myself lucky in that I've been able to work full time for the entire duration of 2020 because I have quite a few friends who couldn't. I'm a laboratory supervisor, so it was a crazy time for my team with many long days & anxious nights, but we survived (so far). That being said, I've managed to…
  • OK, let's give this a try... January Start Weight: 248.5 lbs January Goal Weight: 245.0 lbs Ultimate Goal Weight: 215-220 lbs Jan1 : 248.5 lbs Jan 8: Jan 15: Jan 22: Jan 29: Jan 31:
  • I know exactly how you feel with this... I hated walking through a store & see something I liked, only to realize it won't fit. Sometimes you can get a larger size online, but not always. Just recently, we decided to update our family photos & I needed a new shirt to match the color scheme - what do you know, I found one…
  • Hey man, don't let it get you down. I've had family & friends treat me different too, but eventually, they came around and accepted the new me. If people are trying to drag you back to that toxic life style, then perhaps they weren't really the right kind of friends you want. Just something to think about.
  • I completed my third 10+ mile bike ride in three weeks this morning and felt great doing it. I started a few months ago with shorter rides of 2-3 miles, then tried a slow 7 miler, but when I got to the bike trail 3 weeks ago, I was feeling good, the weather was nice, so I decided to see if I could push it to 10 miles - and…
  • I'm in S. Louisiana, so winter isn't usually too cold. I have a gym membership already, so I'll continue that routine, but also still get outside to walk/jog/hike. I don't mind the colder temperatures, but the rain can suck, sometimes.
  • I was like that for a little while, but sometimes its just hard to get them in. I try to make up for it by taking an extra walk on days when I have the time, but if it doesn't happen, so be it, as long as I'm being active instead of being lazy - that's the important thing.
  • What sort of cardio warm up were you doing? I'll typically do simple cardio (elliptical or treadmill) just to get the blood flowing.
  • Shorts that I couldn't wear last year because they were too tight are a little loose now.
  • I usually had a confident attitude on the outside, even if I doubted myself on the inside, but after close to two years of working on getting into better shape, that confidence is becoming real. There's still work to be done, but I know it's within reach as long as I don't give up. Also, a lot of my family, friends &…