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  • It’s not my opinion, it’s just like it is. Infact you burn the same calories if you walk or run a mile, the difference is only the speed. Humans walk because it is a very ergonomic and efficient way to move and because it does not strain your body, there is no training effect. Walking is an activity and that’s good but it…
  • Yes she would, but walking is not an actual exercise unless your are actually hiking, I could not bother putting it into an app.
  • Your HR is an important indicator, but perceived effort has the final say. All you need to know you can find in the book "80/20 Running" Matt Fitzgerald. He is using this method himself and just made a personal best iron man time, at the age von 48.
  • The Apple Watch is a clear winner, it does everything you need for you training and it is a fully featured high end smart watch and it's cheaper than any high end sports watch.
  • Yes there is. 80% of your training should be low intensity, mainly zone 2, some zone 1 for warm up and cool down. 20% of your training should be focused of intensity, which means speed, in zone 4 and 5. Doing this allows you to do more volume, which will build more endurance, because it is minimising stress on our body,…
  • If you exercise add to your daily calories and don't eat any calories during the day. You want to get your eating into habit territory and constantly eating more or less will make this impossible. If you notice that you are eating too much, lower daily calories, if you are constantly hungry add some. Over time you will…
  • That's true, but the motivation is exactly the issue. ;-) A group like this would run as slow, as the slowest runner can run in Zone 2 and I don't believe such a thing exists.
  • Eat everything, eat quality - that's the plan.
  • Running groups are quite dangerous for beginners, they make it easy to run with too much intensity and too much volume.
  • Rice can absorb vastly different amounts of water depending on the kind of rice and how you prepare it. Measuring dry rice is the only way to get good measurements.
  • I don't think the shoes are the culprit, shoes in general are not that important, as long as they are comfortable. How intense do you train? How do you measure intensity? In general people tend to train with too much intensity when unmonitored. Option two would be malnutrition in regards to minerals, especially magnesium,…
  • Canned food, open it, eat it - done. No heating needed.
  • Get a reasonable amount of popcorn and enjoy it - that's it.
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  • Eat like a healthy person would do, that has your gender, height and goal weight and does the amount of sports you do. If you do this, you will end up as this person, over time. This is a good, positive mental model too. (Dependent on how overweight you are that might not be possible and you have to eat more in the…