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  • Our body weight fluctuates every day from differences in water weight and food waste in our system. That's why we need to look at the long term trend when judging our progress. One week is really short, especially if you only weigh yourself once a week. If those 10k+ steps are new, that alone could be causing water…
  • You could try to find ways to make those 'unhealthy' meals lower calorie for you. Hamburger example: lower fat meat and/or smaller patty, lower calorie/smaller bun (or no bun, as suggested by snowflake954), fries in the oven instead of deep-fried etc.
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  • I use my web browser on my phone, but it's the same on the app. Ig you go the the boards per category, you have three dots on the right hand side. Click/tap on those and choose 'unfollow' for those you're not interested in. And then when you go to Discussions (Recent Discussions) or Categories select 'following' from the…
  • You can customize which boards you see in your Recent discussions feed, I threw out Fun and Games a loooooong time ago 🙂
  • English is not my actual mother tongue, but close enough to it. I'm regularly 'exposed' to both US and UK English (and occasional Australian), and I've never heard 'I have overweight'. I doubt it's a standard expression anywhere, but perhaps in some dialect?
  • You will never see workouts sent over from fitbit in your diary. However, the calories for those workouts are included in your calorie adjustment. It's a quirk specific to Fitbit.
  • Guilt is a 'yucky' feeling and totally unproductive where weight loss is concerned, so I wish you lots of success in letting go of it and finding some self confidence!
  • One tip I have, besides all the good advice already given, is to take small tasters of the foods that interest you. Something may look good, but be disappointing - it would be a waste of calories if you put a larger amount on your plate and you felt the need to finish it, despite not enjoying it. So take small tasters and…
  • On the dashboard, scroll down to the weight graph. Tap on the weight graph to see all the data and/or customize the period or Tap on the + sign next to the graph to add a weigh-in
  • Oh boy, difficult issue :smile: When I was obese, I hated the way I looked and avoided pictures. However, when I look back at those (very few) pictures now, I've discovered that I didn't *truly* know how heavy I was then, it's only now that it really hits me. When I started losing weight (after 10lbs) I was so proud and…
  • On the dashboard, just tap on your profile picture at the top and you'll see what you're looking for.
  • I wouldn't call 21 lbs in 2 months 'taking it slow' 😉 it's very fast, even. In fact, if you're losing more than 1% of your bodyweight per week, I would recommend going back to eating those calories from exercise, to make sure you preserve as much muscle tissue as possible. This is just some advice from a concerned fellow…
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  • Did you exercise today? Whenever you're calorie goal goes up (through an exercise adjustment) your protein goal will go up as well, since it's calculated as a percentage of total calories.
  • Well, you just gave the key yourself: lifelong without deprivation. For me, that would immediately exclude low carb, since it would make me miserable. Other people love it because it reduces their hunger. But not many people seem to be able to do it long term. Choosing how to eat is highly individual, we all like and…
  • Since fat has more calories per gram, that can be an easy way to increase calorie intake: - more oil for cooking and on salads - nuts and seeds - avocado - fat fish - full fat dairy - fatty cuts of meat or mince With a preference for the first 4 options, just to make sure saturated fat intake isn't too high. Another option…
  • I don't really keep up with the science, but all of this seems to pretty much confirm what we commonly recommend on these boards. To reduce the risk/amount of muscle loss (or even gain a little): - adequate protein intake (this is a calculator based on scientific findings:…
  • Are you on the app? There is still a Report button, if you scroll down when viewing a food database entry.
  • I have to disagree. Your milky coffees are not why you cannot lose weight. To lose weight, you just need to be in a calorie deficit, and that is still possible drinking those coffees if you reduce your overall calorie intake (or increase your calorie expenditure by being more active). Have you measured how much milk is in…
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  • It's not the standard, it has been an issue every since they updated the app a few weeks ago. MFP is aware of the issue and working to fix it, but so far no luck, apparently. Also, it has nothing to do with paying for premium, you can sync devices with a free account too.
  • You speak of getting overwhelmed, so I would suggest a gradual approach. Are you trying to start with a full meal plan am at once? You might be less overwhelmed if you make changes slowly. As explained here:…
  • Your exercise doesn't count for your activity level, only your regular non-exercise activity. Your exercise should be logged separately, on the days you exercise. As for the activity level itself, you don't give much info. What does being a housewife mean to you? Lots of kids to take care of? Pets? Lots of chores around…
  • On the app, scroll down on the dashboard to the weight graph. Tap on the + sign next to it to enter your weight update.
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  • I have a Garmin, a Vivoactive 4s actually, which is synced with Garmin. What are you looking for, when you say you want to be in contact?
  • I'm an accurate tracker, or I am now at least, after nearly 3 years. But when I look back at my diary from when I started my weight loss journey, I am appalled. I can't actually remember being so awful in my food logging. And yet, despite the very approximate logging, and having chosen the slowest weight loss setting (less…
  • It's on the dashboard. Just scroll down till you see the weight graph. Taking on the weight graph itself takes you to the list of weigh-ins, taking on the + sign let's you log your weight.
  • I use cardio as stress relief (running in my case). I find walking very relaxing too. A nice long bath is lovely as well. And I avoid certain TV shows and series when I'm stressed (fast paced quiz shows for example), because I know from experience they only make me more agitated.
  • How are you logging your leftovers? With individual food database entries? Normally, you should be able to select both the serving size and the number of those serving sizes, for any food in the database (although the available second sizes will vary greatly, sometimes many options, sometimes only one). Is the issue…
  • If it isn't due to an exercise adjustment (comment above) it could be a good idea to check your settings. Perhaps a glitch happened and you aren't set at the right activity level or weight loss rate anymore.
  • I'd pick a higher number for cooked, I'm guessing 'cremated' is going to have less moisture (be more calorie dense) than the average cooked piece of meat. But it's a bit of guesswork obviously.