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  • You can flag your discussion, then click on 'report' and then select 'this is my post and I want to delete it'.
  • To add onto Ann's answer: calories and nutrition are one thing. But I have noticed that alcohol impacts my recovery and performance where exercise is concerned. So while I do still drink occasionally, I keep the frequency very limited.
  • Dr Fung is highly controversial, some might even go as far as calling him a quack. The title of Dr. Is convenient to promote sales, but he's a nephrologist, not really relevant for the subjects he talks about. I'm no scientist, so no solid arguments to debunk or support his beliefs. But not eating after 6 is not at all…
  • The 'impress everyone' at the end is a nice touch 😄
  • I'm a daily weigher, have been for a number of years. I enter it into Garmin Connect (which sync with MFP) as well as Libra (a weight trend app that helps me see the trend beyond the daily fluctuations). I like the data it gives me - I can see how my weight is influenced by salt, TOM and other factors, and still see my…
  • That depends: how did you come to choose the activity level 'active'? If you are active NOT including exercise/walks, then yes, eat more on days when you exercise. If you chose active based on daily active AND exercise, then exercise is already included in your base calorie goal and you shouldn't eat more when exercising.…
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  • Your rate of loss actually suggests that your maintenance is higher than you think: 7.5 lbs of bodyfat is around 26250 kcal. Even if some of it was water weight, for example only 6lbs of fat loss over 30 days would mean your actual average TDEE is 1900, if you ate 1200 calories on average per day for that period.
  • Lowering your calories further and building more muscle are contradictory goals. You have to choose what you find more important, but looking at your current weight I don't think faster weight loss should be your goal.
  • That's a monster cookie :mrgreen: But it sounds yummy, I hope you enjoyed it! That's a huge accomplishment, losing 139lbs!
  • This? Or a more recent ride? Automatic newsfeed posts can be glitches, sometimes they fail. I sometimes post a manual update in the same format (I have a note app with an example sentence).
  • He's talking about the newsfeed updates, not the workouts themselves 🙂 multiple exercise sessions in the same day get combined into a single automatic newsfeed post. And I don't think you can change that. The only possibility I see is manual posts (with or without disabling the automatic posts).
  • It's a long shot, but I've had that a few times and in my case it was due to taking some antacid pills. The taste didn't persist beyond the consumption of the next meal though (in my case it was overnight).
  • If you want to do that, the Meals function is perfect for you, instead of the recipe builder.
  • You can't enter the same foods simultaneously over several days. You can copy from day to day, though (individual foods or whole meals). Or save meals and add them easily that way over several days.
  • App or website? I use the Android app and copying is easy, tap on the three dots at the bottom of a meal and you'll have that option as well as a few others.
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  • Did you start your weight loss journey at the beginning of February, or did you start earlier and only now not seeing progress on the scale? 3 weeks is still early days. If you've added (or increased) exercise, water retention could be causing the lack of progress on the scale. Other possible culprits: constipation, water…
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  • Joined the app? Or joined the boards? Because some people do join the boards to ask a specific question.
  • The first screenshot shows the absolute amounts, which you have not reached yet. The second one shows the relative percentages of what you've consumed so far, which will always add up to 100, no matter how much or little you've consumed.
  • I haven't checked the actual calculations, but the reasoning looks good to me. Obviously, this doesn't really allow you to know if specifically your active days are overestimated, but if they are, it's pretty much compensated by the rest of the week. My personal experience with Garmin is: overestimates for walking/hiking,…
  • See how you go with rest. I tried full rest with a heel issue and found it still wasn't fully healing after two months. What worked for me was very light (low mileage) running - something about blood circulation improving healing - and increasing mileage very slowly (and only running once every two days, no more). The key…
  • I'm seconding Ann above: for true calorie needs, compare your actually consumed calories with your total calories burned according to Garmin and your weight evolution. Your calorie adjustment (with or without negative adjustments active) doesn't factor into this, I would still change the setting. Look at the total calorie…
  • I would activate negative calories in your situation for a safer calorie adjustment - you should be getting negative calorie adjustments from those long durations of exercise (BMR calories are more than likely being double counted in your current setup). Especially if you are not active outside of your exercise and even…
  • I doubt it, the dashboard is standard. Sometimes, when I don't close the app but minimize it, I can go back to it later and not be forced to the dashboard screen.
  • One possibility?
  • Theoretically, you shouldn't delete anything and just let the sync do its work. But that adjustment looks huge. Check your total calorie burn for the day in Garmin. And then compare it to the number MFP received for that day: tap on the adjustement in your diaary and in the screen that appears, tap on the adjustment again…
  • Whatever you prefer: your body doesn't reset at midnight, and even if MFP resets at midnight, you can still go back to a previous day to add things. Practically speaking I'd just try to be consistent about the approach.
  • No reformed procrastinators?
  • Go here: And in the top right-hand corner tap/click on 'Submit a request'
  • As said below, you don't need to close your diary. But you don't want to consistently eat below your calorie goal, there's a reason MFP doesn't want you to close your diary. You can use a weekly view instead of a daily if your intake is irregular.
  • TENS and EMS aren't precisely the same thing: TENS works on the nerves and EMS contracts the muscles. My device has both options, but I've only ever used the TENS function (since I use it for period…