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limevodka Member


  • Thank you all! Good to know its a common thing. I have been weighing everything I log so I think my calories are mostly accurate - as many have suggested I will keep tipping along for another few weeks and reassess if needed.
  • Leftovers seem popular! Definitely what i normally do as well, although i just found a recipe for chicken salad that fits my calories, so I might try that and some green salad in some pita bread.
  • Only here a wet week! 2 lbs down, about 150lbs to go :) Feel free to add me - my diary is open.
  • 150 to lose and my diary is open! Feel free to add me.
  • Thank you all! Much for me to consider here. I used Fitbit as a shorthand - I see that was a mistake sorry! - I have a generic wearable that unfortunately doesn’t sync. I will take another look at my set activity level though and in the meantime eat back half of earned calories and reassess in a few weeks.