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  • Ac204 Sunday PW 192.6 CW 192.2 Hello Shape Shifters! This month focusing on my food journaling and hoping to drop into the 180s. Wishing you all good month!
  • AC204 Sunday PW 194 CW 192.6 This last week's food choices were better than previous. Exercise has been tough though. Somehow, I pulled a muscle in my hip :( Hoping it's better soon so I can get back to walking regularly. @PatriceFitnessPal - thanks for the congrats! @jessicakrall8 - glad you're feeling better! Have a…
  • AC204 Sunday PW 193 CW 194 Good morning Shape Shifters! Hope everyone is well. Sorry for the late report's been really busy this last week. My older son finished his Masters at University of Edinburgh and arrived back home (California) a few dsys ago - so happy to have him home! I graduated from my coaching program…
  • AC204 Sunday PW 193.4 CW 193
  • AC204 Weigh-in day was Friday. Would like to switch to Sunday. PW: 194.6 CW: 193.4
  • Ac204 Friday PW 194.4 CW 194.6 Good morning Shape Shifters. Hope you're all well! A slight jump in weight this week but just back from vacation. We walked and hiked which I think helped because we weren't strict with food. It was great to get away as it's been such a hectic summer. Unfortunately, it means making up for…
  • AC204 Friday PW: 193.2 CW: 194.4 Happy Saturday Shape Shifters! Hope you are all doing well! Although my weight is up this week and has been hovering within 2 lbs for awhile, I am hopeful I will get back on track soon! Today is the last class in my coaching program. I still have a few hours to complete before receiving my…
  • Ac204 Friday PW 194.4 CW 193.2
  • AC204 Friday weigh in PW 194.4 CW 194.4
  • AC204 Friday PW: 193 CW: 194.6 😞 It's been a stressful week! My water heater went out & sooo expensive to replace 😕 I was getting bids & trying to keep up with work so long days with fast food and stress eating. Anyway, it's finally fixed. Hoping to get my mind back in the game but keep getting sidetracked.
  • AC204 Friday PW: 193 CW: 193
  • AC204 Friday PW 191.6 CW 193
  • AC204 Friday PW 190.5 CW 191.6 😞 Happy Saturday Shape Shifters! Good news for me is I'm finally feeling good enough to get out for a regular walk again. Unfortunately, Covid hit my family a few weeks ago starting with my son and then I got it a couple days later. We're both better now and getting back in the swing of…
  • AC204 Friday CW 190.5 PW 192
  • @jessicakrall8, thanks for working with me. Below are my last two weigh-ins. I haven't been out for a couple weeks so no steps to report. AC204 Friday 6/17 CW 192 PW 192.6 6/10 CW 192.6 PW 193
  • AC204 Friday 6/3 Weigh-In PW =193.6 CW = 193
  • @jessicakrall8, here are my steps for end of May and this month so far. Would you update my goal for this month to 6500 Goal = 7500 5/27 - 6456 5/28 - 6344 Goal = 6500 5/29 - 7897 5/30 - 5696 5/31 - 3254 6/1 - 4183 6/2 - 6788 6/3 - 1255 6/4 - 7591 6/5 - 7139
  • @LaurieWrobo sending prayers and good thoughts for a smooth path with your husband's procedure!
  • @PatriceFitnessPal -thanks for the support and definitely not avoiding you all! I'm so glad I have you, @jessicakrall8 and the rest of the team here! Even when I'm silent, I know you're all here and that is helping keep me on track :smiley: The end of the school year is always so busy, plus, my son is in his school's play,…
  • @jessicakrall8 thanks for your support! Yes, I would still like to keep the 7500 goal. I'm falling below but I'll keep it to motivate me to get there! 5/16 7348 5/17 6628
  • @jessicakrall8, sorry, I've been MIA!! Happy Monday, Shapeshifters! Last week there were several celebration dinners (Mother's day, graduations and my birthday). I did manage to drop a bit but still above my weight before vacation. Hoping to start hitting my step goal again and get back to losing weight! AC204 Friday…
  • AC204 Friday weigh-in PW: 193.8 CW: 195.6. :( Been busy week and food tracking/focus slipped. I need to get back on track!
  • @jessicakrall8 - Hi Jessica, I returned from vacation a few days ago. I missed posting on the April chat before it closed so here's my info. AC204 Missed 4/15 & 4/22 weigh-ins due to vacation. Friday (4/27) weigh-in PW: 193.4 CW: 193.8 :
  • AC204 Friday PW 194.8 CW 193.4
  • @jessicakrall8, please sign me up for step challenge again. My goal is 7500/day. I enjoy walking in my neighborhood primarily to decompress and enjoy nature but also helps with my weight loss goals.
  • AC204 Friday PW: 194.4 CW: 194.8 Sorry, I have been MIA. I started a certification program and it has been busy couple of weeks with the classwork added to work and parenting. I am enjoying the program though :smile: But, I need to figure out how to get my walking in as it's dropped significantly this week. Hopefully, it…
  • AC204 Weigh in day: Friday PW: 194.6 lbs CW: 194.4 lbs
  • @jessicakrall8 Yes, I did want to switch to Fridays if it's not too much trouble. It's easier for me to remember to weigh in during the week. I didn't get a chance to post this last Friday, but, I did weigh-in on Friday so info below is for Friday. AC204 Weigh in day: Friday PW: 195.6 lbs CW: 194.6 lbs Also behind on my…
  • AC204 Weigh in day: Friday PW: 196.4 lbs CW: 195.6 lbs 3/6 9085 3/7 2073 3/8 3237 3/9 7523 3/10 5883 Happy to see my weight go down even if it's just a tiny bit :smile:! It's been hard week to exercise foot and ankle are not feeling much better yet. I tried to give it a rest Mo-Tu but hurt when I got out on…
  • AC204 Weigh in day: Friday PW: 197.4 lbs CW: 196.4 lbs Goal = 7500 2/27 6875 2/28 8417 3/1 6745 3/2 8985 3/3 8503 3/4 5436 3/5 7073 Walking has been tough this week. I broke my ankle a few years ago and it's swollen this week :( Hoping the swelling goes down so I can keep my steps up.