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  • Start Weight: 187 Goal Weight: 172 End Weight: TBD Short term goal: To lose about 5 pounds per month. I have been stuck in the 184-189 range for months and I am ready to break through! Ultimate Goal Weight: 160 (although I'm not really focused on a specific number) Aug 01:187 Aug 10: Aug 17: Aug 24: Aug 31:
  • I'm in! I've been stalled for about 4 months, and while I've been seeing some good non-scale improvements (yay!), I neeeeed to see that number drop! 15 pounds will get me to (and past my goal for 2021) and that would be fantastic.
  • I can get my wedding rings off my fingers again! They had been stuck on there for about a year. Scale hasn't moved this week somehow, but getting the rings off and on my finger is a great victory.