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  • The way I lose weight is to count calories, exercise, and weigh myself daily. MFP gave me a reasonable calorie count to stay under for my gender, weight and activity level, and since using it, I went from 185 lbs to 178 in the space of 4 weeks. The MFP calorie count helps me make better choices during the day, since I…
  • My diet is heavy on green vegetables, fruits, and I lace dinners with meat and fish. I avoid pasta and potatoes and rice most of the time, but being of Italian extraction, I've got to have a bowl of spaghetti and meat balls (or sausages) at least once/week. I've cut down on alcohol to a 5 oz glass of wine or one bottle of…
  • Well there are several ways to look at daily weighings. I find that they are excellent "course corrections" for me, and the increases or decreases in weight usually correlate well with my calorie consumption from the day before. Perhaps other people's metabolism makes daily weighings unreliable. I do agree that over a…
  • I've never done any organized "weight loss system," but I did participate in a weight loss study at Harvard U. many years ago, and it has stood me in good stead. When I started the study I was 200 lbs. on a 5' 11" frame. Within 3 months I was down to 172 lbs. During this pandemic, I ate more and exercised less, and I went…
  • Pictures are great if you've achieved your weight goals, and want to show it to others. For me, my daily weighings on the scale is my ultimate scoring machine. If my weight goes up it proves that I ate too much the day before, and if my weight goes down, it validates my calorie counts on MFP, where I stayed below the goal.
  • I chopped up a small potato, a half cup of onion, and a half cup of mushrooms, and sauteed them in a tsp of canola oil, until the potatoes are brown, and the onions are clear. I then add in two scrambled eggs, and a 2 tbsp of grated parmesan cheese, and cook in the pan for about a minute or until they look done. Upon…
  • I love Trader Joes ultra chocolate ice cream. Truth is I've always been crazy about chocolate in almost any form (chocolate bars, chocolate cake, etc..). But I was eating a cup/day until a month or so ago, when I cut back to reduce my weight. I only had a tsp/day of it for the last 5 weeks, and with my other food…
  • I've always played a lot of tennis, but my indoor activity stopped in November of last year due to the pandemic. By January, I wasn't doing much exercising, and eating more than usual. I had been 175 lbs (5' 11"), when I stopped playing, and when I weighed myself in early January, I was up to 185 lbs! That's when I signed…
  • I use to play a lot of chess, and with all the downtime, I've joined several on-line chess sites, and play regularly. I also have always done a little photography, and now I'm doing it more often.
  • Pasta puttanesca Yum!
  • I often have half a grapefruit, Trader Joes Hummus, and a half dozen marinated olives with a small piece of pita bread. I try not to eat a lot of calories for breakfast and lunch, so I can enjoy a more substantial dinner (with wine).
  • I use the myfitness calorie counter as a guide and a meal planner. I often adjust dinner calories, if during the course of the day, I've overdone eating at breakfast or lunch. I stay below my calorie goal most of the time, especially when I do an exercise regimen that day. But the key is to have a reliable scale, and weigh…