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VeryVeggieVegan Member


  • Hi Rori - so so sorry for the loss of Amy. That hollow feeling of grief is one of the most difficult things to deal with. May you find peace. Well, I was feeling sorry for myself until I read some of the posts. Now my difficulties feel petty. Bad day at work. But, I have shelter, food, friends, still a good job, and a…
  • Annie - re: hospice, trust them to know what to do when. The SNF staff kept telling us that dad was ok and could hang on for months. The hospice nurse was the one who told me to hop on a plane (the fam lives on the east coast). If not for that nurse, I might not have been able to sit with dad as he went through the dying…
  • Rebecca - what an amazing place to grow up!! We’re hoping to get a place on Woahink after I retire and we travel for a few years. Good to meet you too!
  • Barbara near Brookings - I missed your “where do you camp” question. Florence. Love, love, love that town. Beach, lakes, forests - it’s magical. Brooking’s beach is prettier and Harris is awesome, but I’m drawn to Florence. You are fortunate to live where you do. Enjoy every bit of it!! Annie- hugs upon hugs upon hugs!…
  • Annie - I’m sorry this is happening. It’s so difficult watching parents age. I lost my dad in August. He was in a SNF for few months and I think he lost his will to live. Hard to go though. I’ve been reading the posts and I love seeing all the support you give each other! I’m figuring out who is who…sort of. It’ll take a…
  • I’m in the Sacramento area. Looks like there are a few ladies on the west coast. My goal is to retire on the Oregon coast. We camp there every summer and it’s so beautiful and peaceful! Worth the winter weather.
  • Good morning (Pacific time)! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. You seem to know each other well and are incredibly supportive! Glad I found you!! Have a fabulous day! Laurie
  • A kindred soul. Camping and a black lab…it doesn’t get better. I’ll be camping for Christmas - 10 glorious days off in my favorite campground 😀 pure heaven. Appreciate the welcome and you all have lovely decorations!
  • Good morning - or good whatever it is in your time zone! I’m Laurie, 58, and back on MFP to lose all the weight I’ve gained since menopause reared its ugly head. May I join this group? Support is so important and this group seems super supportive. Thanks. Have a great day!
  • Hi!! I’m Laurie. Vegan for 8 years. I’m in California and looking to lose about 40-ish pounds. So glad to see an active vegan group!!
  • Just saying hi!, and I’ll also get on the group. Vegan for 8 years. My weight has bounced up and down since I was a kid, but now it’s only bouncing up 😢. Friend invites welcome!!!!
  • Hello! 55, ethical vegan, vegan junk food expert :) New member, glad to find this group!
  • Hi! New, vegan, looking to lose 50 pounds. Please add me!