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  • Really tough day for me yesterday... caught a nasty stomach virus that my toddler had over the weekend. I logged my food (2 crackers and a half a cup of chicken noodle soup :| ). But no chance in exercising. Feeling MUCH better today and am hopeful to be able to keep up with the challenge!! ✅✅❌ 2/3 passes used. :'(
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  • Hi all! Kate here from Pennsylvania. I am 37 and am bouncing back from my pregnancy (almost 2 years ago... ha!). Excited to join the challenge and encourage everyone to do great this month!
  • Exercise ✅ Tracked ✅ Calories under budget ✅ Woo hoo! 1/3 pass days used
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  • Starting on a Sunday is hard! Starting with a pass day on 5/1 and am excited to officially start the challenge today!! May 1 Exercised?: ✅ Calories?: ❌ Tracked?: ❌ Pass days: 1
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