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  • Good morning MFP people! Runner and general mover here. I've had a good run slimming down logging what I eat every day and keeping the burn going. Would love to add to my friend group. Sent several requests this morning, so feel free to hit me up! :)
  • Been on here for a couple of months now. Hit my first weight goal yesterday. Open to sharing ideas and accomplishments with the community. Add if you like.
  • I like the Garmin platform for running, so that’s really all I’m familiar with. It does have some capability for recording many other types of movement. Strength, biking, gym cardio equipment, and others. Does everything I’ve ever asked it to but I’m pretty basic. I have the Garmin Instinct Solar watch. Good luck!
  • A lot have said slow down. Definitely! But it could also be running economy. A shorter stride might help slow the pace down, or you might be able to shorten stride and pick up cadence. Perhaps even maintain pace. If you are striding out where your landing foot catches you out in front of your center, that’s effectively…
  • This sounds like a fantastic goal. As others have said build slowly, and complement your running with basic strength training to prevent injury and shore up weak points. Active recovery is also a great thing to add on. Massage gun, salt and ice baths, foam roller, static and dynamic stretching. All good things to hit your…