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  • I also am back after a long time away. I had to make a new account so I lost my friends. Feel free to add me if you are looking to add some!
  • Lightly salted plantain chips! I’m a salty crunchy snack person and I am freaking obsessed with plantain chips! When I’m on my lunch break, I sometimes just want a little crunchy something after I finish my lunch. I have four or five plantain chips to end my lunch and it’s so perfect .
  • I love to garden! I always do really well with tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini. Tried lettuce for the first time last year and that went really well. Oh and kale! I got tons of great kale. The thing I always have trouble with are herbs. My herbs never stay nice for very long. This year I’d like to master that.
  • Definitely would like to add more friends. I can’t figure out how to add people though.
  • Anyone still here? Add me anyone who would like to. I can’t figure out how to add people
  • I can’t figure out how to add friends. Add me, anyone who’d like to.
  • Add me if you like. I can’t figure out how to add friends. I’m always happy to have and give support
  • I’m in! I’m a wine lover but my blood pressure was a mess, so I’m really trying to have it only very occasionally these days. My birthday was this weekend and I indulged just a bit so today is my day 1. I can definitely make it the rest of January, and then I’ll set another goal
  • My birthday was this weekend so I didn’t log much. I had a great weekend but now is the time to get back on the January plan! I’m right here with you
  • I’m doing the “kids are going to college soon” thing as well right now. Definitely emotional. I get that
  • I’m definitely interested in more friends. I just turned 47 this weekend and I also was very successful here YEARS ago. I’m back with not too much weight to lose, but my diet since I left has turned absolutely horrible. A very stressful personal life for several years had me eating lots of convenience and comfort foods. My…
  • Mine’s open. Snoop away! I’m always curious what people like to eat. I think it’s so interesting
  • Chicken with couscous. Sweet potato, asparagus, feta flavored with lemon and pepper.
  • Hello I’m turning 47 this month. I don’t have a ton of weight to lose but over the last several years my diet has become absolutely horrible. I’m tired all the time and at the end of a work shift my body hurts. I feel like my body is aging faster than needs to. I’m determined to get my nutrition, exercise , and self care…
  • I’m turning 47 this month. Mostly I’m here because my diet has been just horrible for years and I really want to clean it up. As I get older I’m finding I’m tired all the time and my body hurts when I leave work at the end of the day. I’m determined to get my eating, exercise, and self care on point this year. I want to…
  • This was really inspiring to read. I read the whole thing because I became invested in how you were doing! I’m turning 47 this month and while I don’t have a ton to lose, my eating has been absolutely terrible for several years. I am determined to get it under control because I think I am definitely aging myself…
  • I’ve only been serious for a couple weeks but so far I’m finding this is my list: - meats like chicken and turkey (both stocked up in the freezer and prepared in the fridge.) - Lemons because I use them to flavor everything - Eggs - Frozen berries - Greek yogurt Im excited to look through the lists for some good ideas