• You can add me! I'm all about the support:bigsmile:
  • AWESOME:bigsmile:
  • Generally 1200 calories is what the body needs to get through the day and not go into starvation mode. Eating less may cause you to store instead of burn calories. It is best to talk to a trainer or your Doctor to decide what your calorie intake should be.
  • I love going to the gym...no distractions and I workout so much harder!!!
  • Hey there! If you would like to friend me and open your food diary to me I might be able to give you some tips. If not, chances are you may be eating a little bit too much fatty meat and/or cheese. The fiber is not a problem! :happy:
  • You can add me! This is a great place for support!!! Congratulations on taking a huge step in the right direction:flowerforyou:
  • Working out...schedule it! Try doing the morning and if you can't seem to get in a good enough workout in the time you have then switch it up to evenings. I look at my calendar for the week and my workouts are all over the place but I make sure to fit them in. As for snacks...low fat string cheese, apples, unsalted nuts,…
  • My family loves my garlic lime chicken! Just boil chicken breast, let it cool, shred it, juice a couple of limes and add it to the chicken with some sauteed garlic and evoo salt and pepper to taste and serve it with anything really. I make tacos or taco salad with it and usually make black beans and brown rice and add…
  • A pint glass is 16 oz and most regular coffee mugs are 12 oz. If you have a favorite glass or cup fill it with water and dump into a measuring cup to get an accuate measurement.