• Wow thats so great! We are the same height and same starting weight! And same weight now! So crazy! Congrats ! I know how hard it has been and you look amazing!
  • Bikram Yoga is amazing! Yes it is pricy (around here it is 20 a class and 150 for a month) but if something improves your mental and physical health I think its worth all the money in the world. I can say that going to class for not to long now I am a better person. I am happier I feel stronger and more in control of me. I…
  • My Boobs is one of the first places I lost. I lost about a cup size and people have noticed :( I did have a lot of boob to begin with though. I do workouts that help work the chest so my boobs wont sag and I think they have gotten less saggy with weight loss.
  • I lived in bullhead for a bit not kingman but not to far... I live in Peroia now.
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  • Some of my favorite dinners are fajita salad with steak or chicken, and stuffed tomatoes I make it just like a meatloaf minus the bread crumbs and stuff my tomatoes YUM!
  • Awwww. Love this answer :)
  • Another Primal eater here to : ) I have been following the paleo lifestyle since january have lost 50 pounds. Love the food I eat I have massive amounts of energy! I work out every day as well and have gained muscle I have lost inches pant sizes in no time at all. BUT>>> It has been said PALEO IS A LIFE STYLE NOT A DIET…
  • Okay so I did intermediate first I was being a scaredy cat about the advanced but then I did it tester day so heres my scores for both INTERMEDIATE- Body weight only Burpee with push up- 5-5-3 Superman Pushup- 6-6-6 tricep dips 10-10-6 (ohhh I hate these) Elevated leg crunches- 9-9-8 ADVANCED- body weight only( i did this…
  • I have been body rocking since january to. I have seen major changes in my strength and health oh and I have lost major weight. :) Love that there is a group for us body rockers love hearing about each other experience with the workouts. Keep rocking Paige
  • Chicken STEAK Pork Chops extra lean ground beef. broccoli cauliflower squash(all kinds) lettuce and lots of it( and all the stuff to make the best salad ever) avocado carrots all veggies I like. Strawberries apples blueberries you know just all berries :) eggs eggs eggs deli meats turkey ham coconut oil almond flour…
  • I eat a "mostly" paleo diet. I do not eat processed food or refined sugars or grains EVER. I do not eat beans and have cut out most dairy from my diet in the beginning i ate no dairy what so ever but realized this was not practical for me. I still don't drink milk and instead use almond milk. Every now and then I will have…
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  • LMAO :laugh:
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  • I would also recommend Paleo. I have been paleo since january and love it. The websites listed above are amazing. I use them all the time. I have a family of 7 to feed 5 kids. All the kids don't mind the paleo lifestyle either although they still get cereal and pop tarts. The paleo diet is al about cuting out processed…
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  • Monday night is pizza night in my house. There is a local pizza place that sells a gluten free pizza its a thin crust and is amazing :D I found it has half the carbs of your regular slice of pizza pie. You can also buy (and this isn't as good) a gluten free crust from your local grocery store and put the toppings from the…
  • Flow test~ 1. Tension in calves heels halfway to floor 2.Hip not touching the floor lots of pain- I have really bad hips Screws and pins in them :( 3. Fingertips more than touch floor. No pain no tension. 4. Not far back at all. This one was bad.
  • Wal mart as cheap ones I know that. I also have picked up some weights at my second hand stores for little to nothing. D cks will probably be more expensive than walmart though.
  • Pull up bar is like 20 dollars at you local walmart. I know ****s has a dip station but i think its around 50-100 bucks still kinda pricy if you ask me but I am a poor college kid so yah know. I use a duffel bag with bags of flour as my sandbag of course it would be nice to have the real thing.
  • OH BOY! I started at 248 and I am now down 47 pounds and have only lost one pant size. I started at 18 and am now a 16ish. I lost nearly all my boobs and a lot in my lower leg and face first but I have always had real wide hips and i think that is my problem. People close to me noticed I was losing after 20 pounds and now…
  • Hello Angel, Glad you are here. I wish you all the success in the world with your goals. The site is great and has great tools. Good luck and best wishes :)
  • Hi and welcome. You are in the right place :) the people (most of them anyways) are great the tools are amazing. Good Luck with all your goals. Happy LOsing :)
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  • THIS THIS THIS ^^^ If you continue eating this way you are gonna be in for a world of hurt one day.
  • Peoria!!!
  • I am not a mom but I am a live in nanny of 5 kids so I hope you won't mind me posting. I do all the cooking and I feed the kids the same thing that I eat. They do enjoy there hamburgers with buns and there salads with ranch as I do not. They no longer get french fries or mashed potatoes though. Since there is 5 of them and…
  • Thanks for all the help guys I now feel a bit more educated on the mater.
  • Thanks :) I do high intensity interval training every day I drank one today in place of my breakfast but before i cont. I wanted to get some facts.
  • Should i be replacing a meal with it? Or should I add it in on top of what I already eat? Will it boost my weight loss?
  • They are hard but I started bodyrocking at almost 90 pounds overweight and still pushed through the workouts. Now I am down 45 pounds all thanks to bodyrock.
  • I DID!!!I did it today!! So happy!! I have got my bmi to 29.7 to no longer obese now just 35 more to healthy weight and 50 more to my goal! YIPPPPPIE
  • So glad you are here, this site has done great thing for me. The community is amazing and so supportive. Mfp has the best tools. Good luck with you goals YOU CAN DO THIS!! IF you would like you can add me if you ned some extra support or just wanna share I'm here.
  • Hi there :) Your healthy list is the same as mine I have lost weight but the stop smoking thing is a hurtle i have yet to jump I am weak sometimes so congrats on that. LIke the person above said this site is great the people are amazing and so supportive. Good luck with all your goals and you can add me as well. :D
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