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  • You didn't gain weight, you lost a pound. I know if you are used to 4lb losses each week (well done on that by the way) 1lb will seem a bit disappointing but when you get closer to goal you do start to lose more slowly unfortunately. A few lbs away from your holiday goal isn't a big disaster and the only place you will…
  • Nah, my husband is five years younger than me and he is the grown up one in the relationship, so we meet in the middle lol
  • I know, it's frustrating. Happens to me too and it is so annoying when you don't feel like you deserve to put on, but on the bright side you might lose a wee bit more next week :smile:
  • Log everything you eat. Move as much as you can. Make friends on here as it's great for motivation (feel free to add me if you like). And before you know it you'll be on your way. Good luck :smile:
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  • Wow, fantastic work, well done you. I would kill for your lovely flat tummy :smile:
  • Walking and calorie control will do it no problem. That's how I lost all of my weight as I have knee problems and can't run.
  • That's amazing. You look absolutely fantastic, well done :)
  • That's fantastic! You can really see a big difference. Funny how we don't notice it on ourselves as much as on others :)
  • I know how you feel. I have that on my tummy from having C-sections when I had my girls and I try and ignore it but sometimes it really gets me down, especially when I know no amount of diet or exercise is going to make it go away.
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  • If I had the money and it was really bad and affecting my life, then yes. I do have excess skin on my tummy from pregnancys, which I hate and always say if I had the money I would get rid of it but I'm not sure if I could go through with it as I would be scared anything happened to me and I left my daughters without a Mum…
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  • Hi, I eat about 1600 (would love 1800 but I am a wee shorty lol). Feel free to add me :smile:
  • A really inspirational story, well done on your amazing weight loss and getting your life back on track in spite of your MS :smile: x
  • You can lose weight with exercise alone but you have to do a lot. My hubby has always cycled but more mountain biking and casual rides. He has now been doing road biking, time trials and going to the velodrome. He eats loads and has lost 3 stone without even trying. I don't do so much exercise so diet is where it's at for…
  • I have low blood pressure too and have never been told it was an issue or that I had to eat a specific diet. I will have to Google this now lol
  • I would say personally for losing weight it is calorie control but if you don't want to be flabby once you've lost it then exercise helps with that, wish I had known that when I started :angry:
  • If I have the car I park it about 20 mins away and walk (it helps that they charge to park where I work lol). And on days I don't have the car I try and walk from work to the school to collect the kids, which takes just over an hour. Can't really do anything in work though.
  • You Tube exercise is great. You can do it at home anytime that suits. I am the same I start work at 8:30 and finish 1:30 but I then have to go and collect the kids from school and then get back home. Hubby isn't in till later so can't go to a class so I find doing exercises from You Tube is the only thing that fits in with…
  • Yes, a restrictive diet can make you moody. I know when I was eating at 1200 I was always in a bad mood. And it won't help if you already had issues. Try upping you calories and see how you feel.
  • As someone else said it is just your body adjusting. I am 5' 2 1/2", I find if I have about 1600 during the week and a bit more at the weekend I maintain. I don't know exactly what that would even out at as I like to have a bit extra at the weekend.
  • I was a full veggie for 10 years, I didn't even eat eggs. I started eating meat again when I was pregnant because I was craving it something terrible (obviously baby decided she wasn't veggie lol). I just ate whatever I wanted immediately with no ill effects. I still like my quorn and have quorn burgers and use quorn mince…
  • A BMI calculator will tell you a HEALTHY weight for you.
  • I know how you feel. I get low iron as well. Are you on iron tablets for your Anemia. The last time I went to the Doctor he didn't even bother to test my iron levels and just gave me iron tablets. When these ones run out I am going to ask if it is possible just to stay on them as my levels just drop not long after coming…
  • It looks like it could be a bit of both. Have you been exercising whilst dieting. I have loose skin on my tummy but that is due to two pregnancies and c-sections (and not eating particularly well when pregnant lol). Don't know what you are doing now. Maybe if you try some strength exercises this could help.
  • This is true but that can happen anywhere. If they really want congratulations for starvation they only have to go to one of the many pro anna site on the web. If I have someone on my friends page who under eats I will try and point out what they are doing isn't healthy which sometimes results in me being deleted as they…
  • Have you tried quorn products they are apparently good for protein. Just went to look at my diary and there is 15g of protein in 100g of quorn mince :smile:
  • Actually just re-read it and it sounds like you are planning to eat between 1400 - 1500 tops. At 6' 5" that is way too low. I eat more than that and I am 5' 2.5" female. It's great you want to lose the weight but there is not rush, better to do it slowly and healthily and you have more chance of keeping it off.
  • Unless I am reading it wrong, he didn't say he was only going to eat 1000 cals. He said 1000 cals of protein and the rest in carbs, fat and veg. You mention 2100 cals for maintenance, how many do you plan to eat whilst losing?
  • The easiest way, I find, to do it is try not to think of it as a diet and I can't have this or that. Everything in moderation is the key, so that you can stick to it and not give up after a few weeks. I eat what I have always eaten but I am more mindful of my portion sizes and I try to get healthier options of things I…
  • I didn't realize that you could pick in between so I was 2.5% smaller than I thought I was but if I had realized you could pick in between I would probably have been bang on. I don't really like my body but I clearly don't see myself as bigger than I am :smile:
  • I think you would, slowly. I eat 1600 just now and I am the same height as you. If I stick to 1600 the whole week I do lose weight but I like to have a bit more cals at the weekend so it tends to be maintenance for me.