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  • This was a great response to the video. I saw it for about 15 mins and had to turn the documentary off. I was a vegan for 2 years am after watching Forks Over Knives and had success. Although it was super difficult and carb cravings were through the roof. After getting pregnant I quit and tried again with little success. I…
  • I started watching the documentary and had to turn it off but that YouTube was AWESOME!!!
  • I wonder if any of the foods you are eating have sugar hidden in them that you may be unaware of like bacon or sausage. I find if I accidentally eat some sugar my craving lbs go up. Also the more I go over 20 grams the more my carb cravings help. I can't have a taste of ice cream or a bite of donut because again those…
  • Thanks so much for posting these videos!! Sooooo good!!
  • Thanks so much! Never in a million years would I have thought this much success would only be 6 weeks away. It's not easy but it's totally doable. Thanks for the ❤️
  • Made these last night un-nachos. They are basically what I want on nachos without the chips or the beans. Delish!
  • Started exactly 6 weeks ago and have lost 30 lbs. love this lifestyle!!
  • This is my favorite recipe for homemade ranch dressing. Has 1 carb in it for two tbsp. It's sooooo good!!
  • My food diary is viewable to friends! I'd love to meet new MFP LCHF friends
  • I don't really count my calories. I log my food so I can keep my carbs (not net) around 20 sometimes I go over and other times Under. One other thing I've learned is I don't need to "make" my fat goals or protein. In the beginning I was adding as mat fat as possible to every meal. Now I realize I have plenty of fat around…
  • I love fish curry. Tons of flavor and a refreshing change from all the red meat.
  • Haha that's brilliant! Can't wait for that day to come!
    in NSV's Comment by urbansmamma June 2017
  • SW 228.8 CW 202.4 Down 26.4 GW 170 Started May 19 2017
  • My NSV is my wedding ring and engagement rings finally fit. Haven't been able to wear them for over a year. And my skin is so much brighter I wear way less makeup. Someone I recently met thought I was in my mid 20's and I'm 38. Woo hoo!!
    in NSV's Comment by urbansmamma June 2017
  • I first got acquainted with LC when I got pregnant with my 2nd and had gestational. I pretty much threw out all that they suggested and went LC. I had great success until I got back to the SAD. Now I'm back with great results. Welcome and wishing you great success!! It's a great group and highly supportive!
  • The pic on the right was taken 3 days before I started Keto and the pic on the right was 36 days later and 26 lbs lighter. I have 37 lbs to go. But I feel SO much better.
  • Congrats!!! You can do it. For me the 3rd day was the hardest, then a week in. After you see results it's so addictive to not keep on Keto. You're going to do great!!!
    in Day 2 Comment by urbansmamma June 2017
  • First I would say eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. Sometimes that means skipping a meal or eating a tiny snack. That is a major helper. But ALWAYS eat when you are hungry. For my breakfasts I eat protein with fat and no veggies. Then for lunch I will eat a burger with a small salad and Caesar/ranch…
  • A dexa scan is the most accurate way to track body mass.
  • Slow cooker Keto braised oxtail but I put it in the pressure cooker and voila 40 mins later dinner was served. Used the juice to make a gravy and added a tiny bit of gar gum to thicken it up. Served with cauliflower mashed fauxtatoes. 11.7 g carbs, 84.5 g fat, 101.8 g protein
  • Whoops Dr. Westman thanks
  • You should check out Keto with Casey on YouTube. She is so encouraging and keeps it super simple. I was eating like crap and after a doctors visit I realized I was at my worst weight and had gained 30 lbs after giving birth to my 3 child. My cholesterol was high and I had elevated liver enzymes. So I thought I'd give this…
  • This is hardly a recipe but when I was having Keto flu side effects and they recommend beef stock. I didn't like the taste of that so I added a tbsp of unsalted butter. Soooooo good! I drink it now for a treat. Sounds weird but it really good!!
  • Thank you for posting this! I'm incorporating much more hills based on the responses!! Happy training!
  • Ya I'm super excited about it!!! running Santa Cruz to Capitola will be AMAZING!! GL on your half!!
  • I use Lululemon's running socks. They specifically have a sock created for the left and right foot. They are AMAZING!!
  • This chickpea burger recipe is AAHHHHMAZING! My meat eating friends love it! Substitute the taziki for hummus and you have a winner!!
  • Congrats on the 10K, that's a great accomplishment! You can totally do a half marathon, they are so much fun!!. Remember that it's a process give yourself 4 months, be consistent with your training and build slowly. Never miss a long run and try to do most of your short/mid runs. It's 80% Mental and 20% skill. Don't get…
  • 8 weeks!! That's amazing!! Keep at it. Slow and steady is the way to go and gradually increase little by little to avoid injury. How many days a week are you running. If you noticed your legs are getting more tired than normal take 3-4 days off and rest. I started running 11 months ago at 215 lbs and I'm 5'10" and could…
  • So exciting!!! GL! If its 40's you are definitely going to want a long sleeved shirt. A thin one at the very minimum. Maybe even a sweatshirt or jacket. That's pretty chilly weather especially if you are not used to it. Just a tank and capris will be really cold. It's mid 50's out in San Francisco where I run and I always…