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  • Hi Emma...i have to think more in terms of small goals...if you want more friends here, pls friend request...thanks Deb
  • Hi...when you add you just shows up in your Newsfeed..I was looking for that, too...but discovered if you just add shows up!! Grrreat to stay accountable!!! Keep up the grrreat efforts!!
  • YAY Darius...AWESOME Report!!! Keep up the grrreat work!!!
  • Megan, hi I am Deb...You have been really focused...and for two months so CONGRATS! Happy you are sooo motivated!! Logging in daily to MFP daily is a grrreat motivator for me!! Lots to learn here...I will FR :) I will cheer you on!!
  • Hi Nat, since you already lost 12 lbs and only need to lose 15...and have your snacking under control..that is a success story for your 1st 12lbs...Wtg! This a journey, not a race..I wake up each day and am grateful to have another day to work on health and fitness. I am cheering you on :):)
  • Hi Tia, I am not in my 40's...30 years older...but wishing the best to you your recovery to full health and fitness! Awareness is Key...Logging in Daily to track your food and exercise and MFP Pals to walk with you are indeed how you will get through this!! My name is Deb...I will cheer you on :) Best Always!
  • Hi Sophia, you can do this...Motivation is logging in daily if you can...and being accountable to your health and fitness by fill in your Food Diary and Exercise! You spent the last 5 months determined and lost that unwanted weight. ...Congrats! You have our support...MFP is a grrreat tool!! I check in will be…
  • @nonchalant1girl ...I love your profile photo!!! Best to you...just a small DO...or you DON' Trying!!! I used to say I will "try". If you DON'T one day...pick yourself back up and START again....(smile)...we don't quit. An example is logging into MFP everyday!! Then you fill in your food diary.…
  • Hi Priscilia, I am Deb...I *love* doing Zumba...and recently started up again. I want to become stronger because I have weak bones (Osteoporosis), but have no doubt I will be strengthening them...You will get down to your goal weight with all that exercise you and doing and good nutrition :) WTG!!
  • @Alexandra...I *love* the questions you ask about each item you decide to keep or discard. If you don't mind I will adopt the same questions. I have read a LOT of books on decluttering, and just like has to be READY!! We just move to our, hopefully, last home, bar the unseen...but plan to be here 30 more…
  • Hi Myra...I can help cheer you on, but your first decision is to log in everyday and fill in your food diary. There are great MFP articles on Macro's (short for carb,proteins, and fats) you are consuming. That is why the food diary is great to could be your benchmark. Dedication to log everyday, will help with the…
  • @rubyred I am HAPPY to inspire...but I did feel a tinge of craving when you mentioned you eat gummy bears when stressed...OMG...*love* gummy bears...but if you try getting off processed sugar, it is only the first few days that are the biggest threat...but gets easier afterward!! :)
  • Moved hopefully for the last time to our retirement dream home. Decluttering? YES! Both material and processed sugar!!!...going on 40th day on processed sugar...and feel sooo good!! Wishing everyone the BEST when decluttering whatever you need to :) It is refreshing and cleansing!! Thanks for this thread!!!
  • I'm with you goal is to build muscle and lose fat. I am taking a Body Fat Analysis on Tues...very serious. I have resistance bands I will start working with. And will do a Yoga routine. I am Osteoporosis, and NEED to get my bones strong too! I belong to Curves and had a great workout today! Grrreat that you…
  • Correction I went on Keto *after* my heart attack...typing too fast!
  • Hi, I was on Keto when I had my heart attack in 2009. Everything got better. I was a Sugarholic...and "it" cause my heart attack. I was 50 plus years Sugar addicted. It caused the erosion of the lining of my arteries where plaque seeped in and blocked one. It was not fun! I vowed I would not get another one...and have not.…
  • I think he just needs to eat more protein and complex carbs and good fats. I was on Keto after I had my heart attack in HDL went up, I was never hungry. I lost weight and didn't think I needed to, but felt GRRREAT!! I succumbed to carbs two years after being on Keto...and now I am on a Low Carb High Fat way of…
  • Hi @transformed2021, my name is Deb...This is my3rd time here, and my two mottos are "dedicated to be dedicated" and "tiny changes equals remarkable results" I log in everyday, and I love coming into the MFP Community. You mentioned that you read it takes "21 days to make a new habit" I am reading "Tiny Habits" and he…
  • Have you decided what your macro goals are, @Maxima0388. Just curious. I am on low carb. MFP is that is a good thing. @susiemoo69...I am adding you...I am the same...started in 2011...and this is my 3rd time back...VERY serious this time LOL...
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  • Hi @Maxima0388 and @MaltedTea I just got into the information of macronutrients...carb, protein, and fat ratio. Just the word macronutrients is daunting LOL...If you need a pal to support everyday...I log daily...and will be starting a blog of my own journey with macrotracking. I am choosing the Low Carb High Fat which…
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  • Thx Shelley, resent!! Been having problems with my FR...reported to MFP :) Thank you!!!
  • Hi Shelley, I see you have not accepted my FR yet. When you click on your home page, you should see a red number at the top of your page. When you click on will see my FR. Best Always! Deb
  • I log in everyday, Shelley, my name is Deb...I sent a friend request...You have an open diary...Grrreat Start. Just start logging your food. It is an accountability tool...and you have the exercise tool also. MFP is grrreat for giving you the choices to log. See you on the newsfeed :)
  • Hi Patti, my name is Deb...Would love to support and cheer you on. I have never been overweight, but, I am what is medically know as "skinny fat"...visceral fat around my organs. I am a sugarholic...and I am 35 days and counting with no processed sugar. The reason I am here is for accountability. This is my 3rd time…
  • Hi @minijoanna, my name is Deb...I log in everyday...sooo I would be a grrreat Pal to cheer you on. This is actually my third time back. I started in 2011, got busy, dropped out, back in 2016, same thing, and now again in 2021...30 days and counting! How am I motivated?? I log in everyday to support my Pals, log my food,…
  • "Tiny Changes, Remarkable results" James Clear
  • If you are well hydrated, it also could be muscle you are gaining from all the exercise...That is a good thing :):)
  • @MamawSM Accountability is the Key!! I love MFP for that...and this is my third time joining LOL...Congrats for re-determining...we have to do that everyday!! You will get there. "Tiny changes, Remarkable results" is my new motto!! But it takes Patience...I have lived a full active life, but not paying attention or being…
  • I chant Nam myoho renge kyo. It is Nichiren Buddhism, a Life Philosphy of Happiness that comes from within! Any challenges I have, I chant, receive wisdom from within myself to take action. The ACTION is important...otherwise we would see no change. I believe in "this moment forward"...Can't do anything about the past, but…
  • Hi @mizen56, I do not think age is a barrier. Actually, time has passed so quickly, I can say I am an active Senior (70 yrs) took me a while to accept that, however, my body is telling me differently. This is my 3rd time on MFP...but now I am retired and active vs working and active. Bad eating habits have been my…