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  • Done :) thanks for that, feeling bad cause I went over my calories today, and this reminded me that its always good to get a little exercise in when you can!
  • Level 1 day 4... i think i have decided to move up to the 5lb. weight for days 6-10. hopefully i wont regret it!
  • Level 1 day 3 done. my arms are burning, i thought the push ups would get better with time not worse!!
  • Level 1 day 2 with the restarting of this challenge. my ankles hurt (more from a hike this weekend then the workout but those jumping jacks dont help), otherwise feeling good
  • had a horrible last week and took 5 DAYS OFF!! soo now im back at the start. L1D1...this time for real.
  • I was bad workout AND a chipotle! On to L1 D4 this evening since i couldn't get myself worked up for it this morning. motivation where did you go??
  • Yeaa for vet school!! Im in my third year at Virginia Tech program and I'm looking working with small animals, what about you?
  • Level 1 day 3 done. The worst day so far but i think i can keep it up. If anything, its the pushups that will be my downfall, thank god its at the beginning not the end!
  • Level1 day1 done! Wow am I out of shape, the push ups are KILLER but I am soo thankful that they are first!