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  • Congrats to committing to running 13.1!! I ran my first in November and plan to do another this spring, and a 26.2 this fall. Ditto to some of the advice above. Cross-train so you don't get any muscle imbalances from just running. Running uses the same muscles and can create imbalances and overuse injuries without…
  • Had a Forerunner 235 for almost 4 years. Replaced the band twice (I'm really rough on things...) Upgraded to Venu for Christmas. Love the Venu! Still trying to figure out how to get the most out of the extra features :smiley: Garmin username is Stategal.
  • Tonight is back/biceps and a little cardio (10-15 minutes). Legs still sore from 4-mile hilly run and leg day Saturday!
  • Congrats!! I'm training for my first half (Raleigh, NC) in November. I'm new to distance running, but have done several 5ks and 8ks. It's a whole different type of running!
  • On days where I lift, I have a snack of boiled egg, hummus, and veggies about 3:30pm, then lift from 5:30-6:30, then whey protein shake. If I need a caffeine boost, I'll have some coffee mid-afternoon.
  • This. Then I don't eat back many exercise calories because I'm fueling during training runs. I don't worry about race day. Trying to keep up with and estimate fuel and post-race beers(!) is too much for me.
  • Avocados. Use it as a spread for bread or crackers, use it in place of mayo in salads, add to black bean burgers, top a salad, the uses are endless!
  • Hopefully a run this evening, but if it storms I'll hit up the gym for back/biceps.
  • I used to work at Gold's Gym. The one where I worked was in a very affluent suburb, and it was mostly stay at home moms during the day, and their working husbands in the evenings. When I traveled and could work out at any Gold's Gym, it really varied. Some were full of @$$holes and meatheads, some a mix of the general…
  • Another one I realized last night - When I'm running, I can't stop my run with an odd number, for example, I got to the end of my route last night and it was at 2.84, so I had to go .06 more to have 2.90. Sorry to the lady whose yard I randomly turned around at while she was working in the yard!
  • I haven't done invisalign, but a couple of coworkers have and it definitely cut down on mindless snacking for both. On a side note, they also commented it affected "loving" time too though. Good luck on both Invisalign treatment and weight loss!
  • JFT-Friday June 22 -Stick to pre-logged meals -Stay away from company-provided snacks during afternoon meeting -Do cardio after weight training (I'm bad about finishing weight training and leaving the gym with no cardio) -Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate for hot run tomorrow morning! -2 hours of studying PLE for new certification…
  • Congrats on sticking to a gym routine. You're not doing this for anyone but yourself. Keep up the great work!
  • Thanks for the follow-up @katsmeow112. Injuries suck. Hoping for good news at your follow up on Monday.
  • This. You'll have to experiment with how much you eat back. You don't want to underfuel, that will make you weak and cranky and more likely to overeat in the long run. I know on days I lift, I need more protein, and days I run, I need more calories from carbs. It's a lot of trial and error to find the balance of having a…
  • Run (or more accurately run-walk with the heat and humidity). Probably lower mileage, 2-2.5 miles. Today's an active recovery day.
  • I like Garmin watches, you can get a wrist-based or chest strap heart rate monitor. I used to have a Polar, but it gave out pretty quick.
  • Fun question! I'm a huge football fan and whenever my team plays, I do pushups for the number of points they score in a game. Last year they were pretty prolific on offense, and there were some days I had to do over 40 pushups.
  • We do what we have to when injured. Congrats on getting in the 40 mins. I'm nursing an injury too and haven't run since June 2 and am really missing it, heat and humidity and all.
  • Chest/Shoulders/Triceps and ~15 minutes of elliptical after.
  • Change into your gym clothes before you leave work. This is my #1 trick for making myself go to the gym. Pick a workout you enjoy doing, not something you dread. If you don't enjoy the elliptical, take a class. Download an interesting podcast that you're looking forward to listening to.
  • Dancing Queen and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I love the '80s!
  • Great quote! Thanks!
  • I can't believe I just found this thread. Fun reading and getting ideas. Yesterday - Back/biceps at the gym Today-45 minutes on elliptical
  • OK-here's my take on spinning.... You get out of it what you put in. If you go into it thinking it's going to be an easy workout because you're sitting, you're in for a rude awakening, lol! If you've never done spin class, your bum will be sore after the first 2-3 classes from the 'saddle'. I'm talking REAL sore! Once I…
  • That's awesome that you're training for a Triathalon!! Disclaimer: I'm not a nutritionist, but do see one a couple of times a year and here's the advice I've gotten and what works for me. For workouts under an hour, you really don't need any extra fuel if you have an adequate diet. For anything over an hour, have a 100-150…
  • Ughh, sorry you're dealing with this. Never had bursitis in my hip, but currently have it in my big toe joint (diagnosed by orthopedist 4 weeks ago). I haven't run since June 2 and I'm going crazy. Obviously hip and big toe are very different, but just wanted to commiserate with you and wish you luck at ortho appointment!
  • I have the dreaded breakage around where I pull my hair back with a pony-tail elastic. My hairdresser recommended the following: Deep-condition once a week A high-quality dry shampoo with a conditioner on days you don't wash (I use Moroccan Oil dry shampoo) Pull hair back with looser bands or wear a hat
  • Ugh, that sucks. Sorry to hear that. You don't mention what kind of injury -- can you do cross-training of any kind? When I've been injured in the past and unable to run, I would do what I could on the stationary bike, rowing machine, and elliptical. If you're counting calories, you may need to decrease intake until you're…
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  • This! Some days my rest periods are longer than other days, depends on how I feel. I go based on perceived effort as well as using a wrist-based heart rate monitor. I also have a workout partner/spotter, so my rest is while he's completing his set, and vice-versa. When I first started lifting, some advice I got was to rest…