• Musselpharm Assault along with some BCAA works great. The BCAA helps to feed the mussels while burning body fat.
  • I have to disagree with you the sore feeling you feel is lactic acids in the mussels ask any body builder and you will hear the same thing, after a while you body will be better able to deal with it and produce less and less there for you won't get that soreness feeling any longer in steed you will just get good pumps.…
  • Actually there is something you can do to aid with recovery, body builders have been doing it for years. Load up on protein this is what your body is looking for to feed your mussels. Also amino acids "BCAA" will aid in getting more protein into your mussels. Get your self some form of Whey and some BCAA amino acid, also a…
  • IF you looking to gain strength look up the 5x5 program. The best way to gain strength is to work your entire body and not isolating one mussel group.