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Strength Training Suggestions

My husband and I want to start doing more strength training at home together we both really want to target our abs does anyone have good videos or tips that you love doing and know work well so we can start our own routine every night it would be Really helpful:)


  • decoboy104
    IF you looking to gain strength look up the 5x5 program. The best way to gain strength is to work your entire body and not isolating one mussel group.
  • April0010
    April0010 Posts: 178 Member
    I love Jillian Michael's DVD's and books. A few of my favs: her book "Making the cut" - has great workouts in it. Also the DVD, "Shred it with weights" is awesome. I just picked up one of her new DVD's "Extreme Shed and Shred." Haven't tried it yet, but I super excited about it. Also I know a lot of people on MFP like her "30 Day Shred Video."

    You could also go the route of P90X or Insanity. Both great intense workouts.
    Hope this helps.
  • tigersword
    tigersword Posts: 8,059 Member
    Full body compound weight lifting is the fastest and most efficient way for strength building. Like has already been suggested, 5x5 is great.
  • addisondisease
    addisondisease Posts: 664 Member
    Yep 5x5 is great i would agree.

    If you want abs drop the fried foods and start squatting.
  • CharlieJuliette
    CharlieJuliette Posts: 459 Member
    I've started out by doing the ChaLean Extreme workouts. I highly recommend them.
  • ValerieAuen
    What is 5x5
  • barbiebonang
    Thank You all for the great tips I am def going to look into the Jillian Michaels videos I have noticed a lot of ppl like her:) P.S Its Very Very rare for me to eat anything FRIED I know what it does to your body:)