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  • sorry just checking out on how to add the ticker
  • Hi my name is jenny from New Zealand, I have just started using kettlebells, and started with the 10,000 swing challenge with Lisa shaffer (via FB) finishes tomorrow. So after that I will be looking at Pavels ETK. Currently sitting at 67kg and wanting to get down to about 61kg so have just started using MFP today, also…
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  • Hi My name is Jenny, I live in Waiuku, just signed up to MFP and getting started today. Had lost about 10kg with a high protein diet and got down to about 61kg however have let that creep up and this morning weighed in at 67.1kg. Goal is to get back to 60kg also am wanting to increase my strength and I am currently using…
  • Hi, have in the last few days signed up to MFP and have also been looking at going primal, need to order Marks book. I am from NZ as well
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