• Happy Easter Ladies, ' My 5/7 included organizing an Easter egg hunt for 12 under 3's! What a blast!!! That on top of the 30 day challenge exercises. Today, I got up late but I did my "30 day" exercises then convinced another of my friends to join MFP, and now I need to get out of here to go for a nice long walk. Have a…
  • Can't believe it is Wednesday already, I am 4/7 for this week although I should probably not really count yesterday as a full day as I only got halfway through the exercises I was trying to do. Had a brutal migraine which knocked me for six. Heather, congratulations on the arrival of your new son!
  • Happy April Ladies. Since I was only on here for 2 weeks, I am not too disappointed with the 5 lb weight loss. Plan this month is at least 10lbs. MOre cardio, more strength training. Will check in later, have to get back to work now. Jillian
  • welcome back, feel free to add me
  • Not silly at all. we all are on the same journey no matter what kind of work we do. Welcome and feel free to add me.
  • Welcome back, I have been on here for a couple of weeks and have found everyone to be very supportive. It made me laugh when I realised that MFPers call the negative people Trolls!!! The next time someone says something negative to you just picture them as they are, big feet, pot-bellies and reallllly bad hair! Then if…
  • Welcome
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  • Haven't been on for a couple of days. I am at 5/7 to Friday. I have to say it was a bit of a struggle on Thursday, muscles sore and even though I had a relatively good day I was so tired by the time I got home i was asleep by 7.30!
  • I am 50. I have been on here for almost two weeks now and I am starting to realize that I may be staying below my calorie count most days but the type of calories I am taking in are not helping me... too much refined sugars and not enough protein or vegetables. I love the fact that I can log my intake on here. It gives me…
  • That is a huge step, congrats!!!
  • Thanks for the feed back on the Wii fit. guess I'll keep my money in my pocket for now! I am at 3/7 now, I did jumping jacks (modified for low impact), sit ups, lunges, squats and push-ups. I didn't know I still had muscles in those places!!! Ow!
  • you sound like you have made some serious diet restrictions on yourself.- Instead of beating yourself up add the cheats into your daily allowance for now but balance them with some activity, for instance, if you feel like you have to have something sweet have it but add on enough physical activity to burn those…
  • You have already made the most important step, you got started on a new way of living. This is a great place to start, I have been here almost a week and everyone has been very supportive, Feel free to add me as a friend. Jillian
  • 2/7 mostly walking, but added bicep curls with resistance bands. I have had them for a while and this is the first time I have actually used them. Added in some stretches and core work. Does anyone on here use the Wii fit? I was thinking of picking one up, but there are so many of them advertised for sale on kijiji that I…
  • I'm at 1/7 today, walked really briskly - too darn cold to go slower - for an hour, made myself run up and down the stairs for 15 minutes and even managed 3 sets of modified push ups. Thanks for the welcome. Jillian
  • Evening ladies, I want spring back, c.c.c.cold here today! I still did my walking but my hands were frozen. I even managed to do 3 sets of push ups today, first time in months.(years?) The twins were so funny today, they got these cute little binoculars over the weekend and insisted on taking them with them when we went…
  • Honey, you are stronger than you know, just acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step in fixing it. You have already made huge strides by stopping the cutting! Be proud of yourself for that, If you have the discipline for that - you have the strength for anything else life might throw at you. Brothers you can…
  • I joined last week and am loving this site, the tools are awesome and some the groups i have found here are a lot of fun
  • Happy Birthday, Barbie and thank you for the warm welcome.
  • when you fill out the profile, it asks you what your weight/height is and your goal loss. then if you go to the food tab at the top it will tell you what you need to take in. I like the simplicity of this site. Just tracking what you eat each day can be an eye opener, and don't forget to track what you do exercise wise.
  • Don't give up. Life is sometimes so unfair but you just have to keep going. If you need a friend feel free to add me.
  • Hi Ladies Have been reading some of the posts and you all sound so connected and motivated!! Room for one more? I am new on here, just 5 days in and looking for somewhere to connect. I am going to be 51 tomorrow and I need to get a handle on my life and weight. I have been logging my food for the last few days and started…
  • Don't let that kind of response get to you. You are doing great!
  • I am new too. Would love someone for support too. I am a really bad cook so having a friend on here who knows what to put together would be an added bonus if you would be willing to coach?
  • Room for one more? I am 50 years old, and have just started this weight loss journey, 5 days in and I really need to add exercise to my routine I am an Nanny, I look after 3 year old twin girls 5 days a week. As they have gotten bigger it has become harder to keep up with them when they run. I have always tried to keep…
  • Okay, now I have a scale so no excuses. Start weight 198.8
  • Going to buy a scale now. Will post start weight when I get back!
  • Absolutely would love someone to keep me on track. I am 50 and I want to lose 60lbs. One small lifestyle change at a time!!! add me:happy:
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