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  • You're not the only one! I'm a little behind because I was sick last week so I'm on day 5. I'm planning on finishing up next week...so happy to be almost there!
  • I did D1 today...it was harder than I remember! I worked up a good sweat though and I'm ready to finish the Shred strong :happy:
  • Today was supposed to be Day 1 of L3 for me but I got a stomache virus last night and I'm stil a little weak today and didn't want to push myself. I've been drinking plenty of fluids though and resting so I can get my strength back to start up again. I'm excited to finish up!
  • I was so tired this morning I almost didn't get up, but I want to finish the program on the time schedule I have put on me. I was able to get through it and of course I felt better once it was done. Sometimes you just have to make yourself do it and I'm glad I did :happy:
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  • Day 6 of L2 done! Last week and then move on to L3. I'm excited that I am being consistent with this and I know it's because of this board. It makes me want to keep going, so thanks so much for everyone who comments :flowerforyou:
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  • Love it! Tha't's awesome!
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  • Day 5 of L2 Done! Only 5 more days to go :ohwell: It's hard, but I keep telling myself only 20 minutes...only 20 minutes! It helps get me through and I always feel so much better afterwards.
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  • Thanks for this post...I think this is a good way to go about it.
  • I do the dvd first thing in the morning before work, so I'm getting up at 5:30 to sweat it out with Jillian :yawn: It's good though because after it's over, I'm very awake and energized so it gets me going for the rest of my day. Level 2 is hard though...I think I needed this challenge though because Level 1, while still…
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  • Hi Alyrie, I switch depending on the excercise. For the first ciruit with the arm rows I use 3 pounds. For the second circuit I use 5 pounds for both and for the third circuit I use 3 pounds on both. I did the same for level 1 - just switching up the weights where I could handle more.
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  • Today was day 1 of level 2 for me as well and I was sweating buckets by the end! I knew it was going to be hard, but I'm ready to take on these next two weeks and hopefully get a lot stronger by the end!
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  • L1 Complete! I started last week so today was my last day of level 1. Now on to the dreaded level 2:cry: I don't know why, but for some reason level 2 seems even harder than level 3 to me. I will get through it though :happy:
  • I'll have to look up some of those!
  • I would say concentrate on your breathing and make sure you are looking at the ceiling the entire time. Also take as much time as you need to do them properly because that's what counts in the end. Good luck!
  • I have seen a change mostly in my abs. I tend to lose weight in my waist first and that seems to be where it's all shredding from :happy:
  • Day 7 of Level 1 today...my arms were KILLING me because I tried a pole dancing class on Saturday (it's actually a lot more work than I thought!), but I pushed through and got it done. I also count mine as circuit training general and do 20 minutes.
  • Hey, I usually do it Mon-Fri because my weekends get kind of crazy. I just going to really try and make sure to do 30 days so that I can try and get the best results.