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jodester13 Member


  • I'm on month 4 of keto. Feel like I've got this! Feel free to add me!
  • Mine are set at 60% fat, 25% protein, 15% carbs. I don't want to limit my vegetables, so I kept carbs at 15%. I think the most important thing is to get the good fat in every day.
  • I just found this challenge - I'm in. I've been paleo since last July, and up for a little re-adjustment! I've been on track for the last 4 days - so I'll just continue. I like the allowance of a moderate amount of red wine - way more realistic for me! :)
  • My favorite (relatively) quick meal is chicken and artichoke. Cut up boneless chicken - thighs or breast - into bite-size pieces, spread on cookie sheet - add quartered artichokes (I use canned). Melt 3 tbsp pasture butter and 1/4 cup organic EVOO - saute a little garlic in it. Pour the butter mixture over the…
  • I stopped tracking my food but will likely weigh in -- I'm going to try to keep it to once per week. I am a lot less obsessed & stressed when I don't track my food -- and I feel a lot more freedom eating paleo/primal when I don't obsess about the calories in butter or olive oil.
  • I initially tried coconut milk. It was ok the first couple days -- but then I thought it was pretty aweful. As a result, I know love my coffee black -- never thought that would happen!
  • I'm about 4 weeks into paleo and just finished 2 weeks of whole30. My headaches started on day 2 and lasted about 3 days. They recur every once in awhile, but aren't real bad -- just annoying.
  • Unfortunately, I don't have any answers -- but I'm interested in what other people say. I find that it's the almonds that make my tummy quesy. I guess I might just have to eliminate them.
  • I agree with the other comments. I'd also add - be wary of "scrambled eggs" unless you see them scramble them! The "free" breakfast places use some non-egg substance. I've had to travel a few times since I started this and I pack single serving snacks - nuts, jerky, veggies. When I go out for breakfast I stay away from…
  • I'm usually between 55% and 60% fat. I think I need to be 60 to 65%.
  • I have Primal Bluepring quick and easy - love it! Last night we got home late and didn't have a lot of food options (I need to go shopping!) so we did the chicken and artichoke broil recipe (minus sardines) - it was AMAZING and so simple!
  • I weighed or measured everything I could when I was logging my food. I wanted to be as accurate as possible on my logs. Now that I'm doing the 30 day challenge - I'm not weighing or measuring anything. I'm finally getting use to it -- but I still think about how much I'm eating. I'll probably go back to weighing and…
  • Celery - or any other "snack" veggies - I put it on cucumber slices or dip carrots in it. I'm going to eventually try some paleo crackers too.
  • I found myself spending too much time on this site too - and the funny thing is, I don't think I've ever read a blog before! I try to only read stuff that helps me -- I stay away from the train wreck stuff. I've really love the new friends I have on MFP. I feel like I have a ton of support! It makes such a huge difference!…
  • I'm 42 - just started paleo/primal a little over a week ago.
  • July 6 - SW: 144.5 July 30 - CW: 141.0
    in Weigh In Comment by jodester13 July 2012
  • I'm new to Paleo/Primal -- but I had a similar experience on a regular 1200 calorie diet. You body thinks you are starving it and won't give up the weight. Grr. Frustrating. I upped my calories to 1500-1700 depending on workout of the day, and finally feel like I'm seeing some progress. I'm glad to hear others have similar…
  • I'm starting the primal/paleo anyway - so I'm in - modified.
  • Thanks for all of the great advise and reading material. I've been reading a lot! I'm going to clean out the kitchen and plan on starting this weekend. My fiance is on board - although I'm sure he'll cheat a little more than I will. I have done low carb before, and I already try to stay away from sugar. I appreciate the…
  • July 16 - 142.5
    in Weigh In Comment by jodester13 July 2012
  • July 6 - 144.5
    in Weigh In Comment by jodester13 July 2012