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  • Goals • maintain my weight as I firm up the flab around my middle • strengthen my legs so I can walk again • maintain my upper body strength Routine • I’m almost always up at 4 (5 at the latest) • I begin with a candle or incense and meditation (with a cup of coffee and Belvita) • I write for a couple of hours while my…
  • Do you know what diet you will follow? I do best on Low Carb/High Fat Have you followed this diet before? Yes, regularly Found some recipes? I don't cook but I'm able to assemble what I need Grocery list? Yes, always! Don't leave home without it. Do you have the food on hand to get started? Yes and I keep something on hand…
  • There is a pool here and I love doing pool exercises. It actually lets me feel like my legs are working when they don't work on land. I also work out at the gym at least twice a week. I have a trainer who keeps me on my toes.
  • 71 degrees, cool and cloudy here in Kailua-Kona HI. Just the way I like it!
  • @Tabatha_Cain I have lived in Hawaii for 27 years but thought I might move to Florida and recently decided not to move.
  • My goal is to maintain my weight, but I wouldn't mind losing another couple of pounds. I also need to firm up what I have - summer was a lazy time for me. Too much sitting at the computer. I am working on my leg strength. I found a few places where I can do a few miles on my walker.
  • I've decided not to move from Hawaii, so I don't have to face that anymore. I can concentrate on my writing and just enjoy my life here.
  • I'm facing a move I hate to make but also looking forward to making! I live in Hawaii and for family reasons, I'm moving to Florida. I love Hawaii and I love Florida - but it doesn't make the move any easier.
  • Gorgeous Sunday today - 84 degrees and 61% humidity, but hey, it's the tropics! It's just the way I love it!
  • ALOHA!!! What is your name or nickname? Your Team? Lucy (not a nickname) and I’m one of the Tenacious GR8TERS Your Approximate Location: big city near you, province or state, country. I’m on the Big Island of Hawaii and the big city near me is Honolulu, on the island of Oahu What is your favorite summer activity? Sitting…
  • I'll be there if you'll have me!
  • I posted this on my team, but I have friends on the other teams who might be interested in this, too. My self-help book is out! It has been up as an e-book for a few years but most of my clients wanted something they could hold and write in. It's a "self-help" for personal growth, something we all seem to want - and the…
  • @Dianedoessmiles1 For most of my life I lived near some body of water - ocean, lake, river - and I was born next to the Mississippi River! Only for the years when I lived in Arizona did I feel land-locked, and I was! I've even spent over 30 years living on an island, which I love! Kodiak, Alaska, Guam, and now on the Big…
  • My latest book is finally out - It was an ebook on Amazon for a few years but clients asked if they could get something where they could make notes, thus the paperback. It is also available on Amazon or Barnes & Nobel, and I think other places, too, but they haven't put up the…
  • @kaliswalker I moved to Hawaii in 1996 and I don't plan to live anywhere else.
  • @ LindieMaeP It isn't that hot here. Today we had a low of 71 and a high of 85 and if you live at even 500-1000 feet above sea level, it is cooler still. At 5000 feet here it gets down to 40s and those who have a home at that elevation just love it. I lived at 2000 feet for about 10 years but I like the warmer climate of…
  • @Dianedoessmiles1 I live on the Big Island of Hawaii so we don't get the number of tourists that they get in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. We're more country-style LOL For a while, I had a little home on an acre of land at the bottom of the island. Yes, we will have cruise ships again, but we only get one a week here,…
  • Even though I don't live in snow country, it's always wonderful to have SPRING to look forward to. We do have seasons here in Hawaii and we can tell the difference in the surf sounds, how the plants sound as they die off or regrow, temperatures do fluctuate some, what's growing and what isn't, sunrise and sunset changes,…
  • How many 5% Challenges have you done? This will be my 21st challenge What do you like to do for fun? Write, read, jigsaw puzzles, music (piano, guitar) What major city do you live in or near? State? Honolulu (but it's on a different island) Hawaii Kailua-Kona (my island) Hawaii What are your health/fitness goals for this…
  • I've been laughing at all the very funny cartoons about snow and winter! Thank you to everyone for posting. :D
  • I finally figured it out!! Please keep me on this team!
  • What is the link to join the Community team? I can't seem to find it.
  • Many mahalos for all the work you do - and for hanging in there after SP!!
  • My brother and I are the only two siblings in my family so I don't know what I'd do without him. I know you are going through a lot of pain with the loss of your brother, so I'm keeping you in my prayers and heart. <3
  • Has the link for adding your miles, etc. been moved? All I can find is the information on what we are to measure this week, but it's Wednesday and I don't see a single one of the posts, including mine.
  • Yes, I live in Hawaii and I've been here for about 26 years. But I was born in Illinois and I've also lived in Rhode Island and Alaska. Snow is beautiful when fresh and you don't have to do much out in it. Now I'm here in a warm climate to stay! My adult children come to visit me in the winter to get away from the snow and…
  • @Dianedoessmiles1 Love the pictures, but it made my body shiver. Looking at pictures of snow is about all I'm able to tolerate! LOL I wish everyone a Mele Kalikimaka this week! May all your wishes and prayers come true!
  • I pray for healing of all sorts - physical, mental, spiritual - wherever you need it most. Prayer works!
  • I haven't had a chance to take pictures from the beach of our snow covered mountains, but here is a link if you're interested in seeing it.
  • Storm has passed now, so we're back to our 80-83 degree weather. It's overcast, but I like it that way. The mountains are covered with snow, however, and it's beautiful at the beach :)