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  • I tried 3 different BC pills. The first Yaz I automatically got off because of all the scary warnings, Orthotrycyclin lo which caused me to get ot my highest weight ever (+20lbs). Now seasonique I have 5+ from normal but it might just be because I haven't exercised as much as when I was taking the other 2
  • I would talk to the mom first then call the cops if nothing changes. Like either your wife will lose her job or the other lady will. Its her kids she should be able to control her child if hes living and smoking under her roof
  • If you're bloated try cutting back on carbs, like breads and such but not good carbs like in fruits. And watch your salt intake carefully.
  • If you're looking to slim down for a few days try a body wrap at a spa i think it might be called a cellulite wrap and it tightens your body for a day or so. Better than going on a crash diet that might screw with your metabolism. Or just get really good spanx for taping days.
  • Vodka If we're talking actual food: -homemade brownies -buttercream frosted cupcakes -Paula Deen's desserts -Waffle fries with onion ring sauce -7 layer cake (chocolate!) -Waffles with anything on them -Fish & chips with vinegar and tartar -Fried clams -Buffalo Wild Wings Honey BBQ
  • I know, I sit with friends at lunch and they eat so much or they can eat a normal amount and be content and know when to put food down. While I'm there stuffing my face.
  • Chocolate like ganache not chips, cheese, greasy foods like burgers, fried eggs, buffalo chicken wrap with mayo, tons of mayo when I don't normally eat it.
  • Mix it into a salad. Slice it and sprinkle a tad of salt on it. Mix it into tuna instead of mayo Smear it onto a sandwich as a condiment. Layer it ontop of a melted cheese tortilla Toast bread, mash avocado and then top with fets.
  • A new xbox is coming out soon. If you can get it before you have to give the gift then go for the new xbox. If I was you Iwouldn't do the pictures since if its outside your comfort zone then do you want someone else seeing you in what you would only want your husband to see? I would do the pictures at home and have him…
  • Ostrich burger! I had it once in NYC and omg it was delish
  • Po-boys, no one in New York likes them! And putting mustard on burgers
  • Oo I never heard of an electric kettle. I'm near a target actually so I will def check that out when I get a free day. Thank you !
  • Sophomore in college in NY. I have horrible eating habits since my school has greasy foods...
  • I love friends who motivate! I'm very active on here and have a kik if anyone wants to talk throughout the day as to food choices or anything college-wise
  • My dining halls are pay as you swipe but we have soooo many unhealthy food choices. I went in today and got a chocolate cake since its the only appealing thing they had. It was either pizza, fried foods, calorie filled clam chowder, yogurt (which last time I ate I got sick), salad (where they don't wash greens), toast (had…
  • I reduced my drinking to weekend only. I tend to eat more before going to a game or something so I don't tend to drink as much alcohol. I cannot drink beer since I cannot handle bubbles that has helped me. Maybe try light beers or light colored ones since those have less calories. Another tip is to hold one drink and nurse…
  • In between jeans are a huge problem for me. Also non cute bras for tiny boobs D= Being cold most of the time especially in the winter with wind chills.
  • Hello I'm a college student from the East coast of the states. I've never been officially diagnosed even though there was once talk of it by a school counsellor. I generally base my moods off of the scale. So I tend to be a bit sad. My major of biology doesn't help me any nor does my procrastination and ****ty college…
  • Thanks guys! I did pretty good except for one day I had a particularly hard final and went out for waffles with ice cream. I kept pretzels on hand and found these organic vanilla animal crackers which helped a lot, I also went out and bought honey roasted almonds which were totally delish and awesome, brain food!
  • When people put that weird cheese on their pizza, in the little shakers. Also like funky pizza, we have a Chedder, bacon, ranch ugh. Or like a huge layer of mac & cheese on top of pizza!! Like 2 carbs? Um no. I put ketchup on rice, my roomies used to get so grossed by it. Raw fish with avocados is gross, but so popular.
  • White wines, I fell in love with one it was a holiday blend with reindeer on the label I wish I could find the bottle so I know what it was.
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  • You look great! The loss is really noticeable on your face
  • As you said HE had written articles, HE coaches. Is there evidence from other studies done by other people? And I'm using his PhD against him since the original poster said "It's just me asking people to watch a video by a professional with a lot of experience in training others, and has a phd. in nutritional science. "
  • Just because someone has a PhD means nothing about what they're saying. I could have a PhD in nutrition and tell everyone that 3 glasses of wine a day is healthy and you can live off of it for extended periods of time do they have to believe me just because I wrote a thesis and went to school for longer which obviously…
  • I'm sure some people who drink CocaCola don't care about the calories but it might help them become more aware of exercises that they can do and possibly get them ton e more active
  • Abuela I only have one and I'm the only grandchild so its usually abuela or grammy, When I was a kid it used to be Graham cracker
  • I'm in New York, hoping it doesn't hit till a bit later which I don't think it should. Although the wind has begun to pick up
  • Depends what I eat. When I avoid meat it is usually 2-3 days even though I have a high fiber intake. With meat it is every damned day when I wake up.
  • I'm in NY and I turned it on last night, it went down to 53 and the drapes just couldn't keep the chill out.
  • I'm a sophomore at a school in the Northeast, trying for biology major. I'm taking Organic Chem (Trying not to cry through the boring classes where I barely understand, probably hardest class) Calculus (Not too bad except for my teacher ugh) English Modern Lit (Really fun class actually the teacher is wonderful and into…