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  • Thanks ladies! Yes, GiGiBeans I am nut currently doing the hip thrust or bridges so I could just incorporate those into the advanced work out that sounds good. I can do chin ups unassisted but I need assistance with pull ups or I do negative pull ups. Have you seen much progress on the program so far?
  • This is my second week wearing my BMB and it is averaging around 2,700 calories per day. Some days 2,400 on non work out day and 2900 on work out days. I am getting .8-1 Met/ minute when I sleep and .9-1 Met/ minute when I am sitting. I do a lot of strength training and it reads that as moderate activity. My question is do…
  • I have been heavy lifting for about 6 weeks now and the water retention is so bad the next day I can not get my wedding ring off. I feel you and I hope it will end or become minimal in the future. After a rest day the 2 # of water retention goes away for me.
  • I am 148lb now 5" 4" but I would like to be 135lb. I am not too stressed about it but it is a long term goal!