• Add lemon juice to your water, fresh is best. It works like a diuretic!!! Really does work. Quick fix, first thing in the am, squeeze the juice of half a lemon into about 4-6 oz of lukewarm water.
  • When I am craving real ice cream, I just get the real thing and then I am usually good for awhile. Other times, I use my Ninja blender and mix lowfat vanilla yogurt with frozen fruit and it comes out like frozen yogurt. No sweetener needed. It satisfies my ice cream craving because it is creamy and sweet.
  • Yes it has more carbs but the carbs come from dairy sugars which are okay. I like it but don't eat it regularly. One of those things I use to change things up when I get bored.. I do like it though, the texture is sooooo creamy. And it is much higher in protein than other yogurts.
  • He isn't hiding anything. He knows it's a problem and so does she, they just aren't admitting it. Making excuses is what addicts and those who enable them do. The best thing you can do for your friend is just be there. You CAN NOT do anything to induce her husband to stop drinking. If he is truly an alcoholic, your words…
  • The biggest part of sex and being/feeling sexy is in your head. It isn't so much about how you look on the outside, although it doesn't hurt to look like a supermodel, you can be sexy no matter how you look. Find something about your body that you like and feel great about it!!! It can be your eyes, your smile, maybe you…
  • Cheat days are a must. And they don't have to be every week. I had a bit of one tonight and I ain't sorry!!!!
  • I do a lot of the same things as you!!! I try really hard to eat well 90% of the time. I do cut myself some slack now and then. I just think life is too short to ever feel deprived. It helps keep me focused. I had that cheeseburger tonight with a few fries for dinner tonight. I went a little over but I am not going to beat…
  • HI!! I am Dayna and live in South Carolina. I joined 10 days ago. The accountability thing always works for me. My goal is 50lbs, only 49 more to go!!! Woo Hoo... Add me in.
  • Count me in!!! The more the merrier!! People not pounds, that is!!!
  • Alcohol is just liquid calories!! and nutrutionally crap!! You don't have to give it up if you can work in it. But I would rather have some ribs or a sandwich.
  • I quit just after Christmas, so it has only been 6 months. I have quit before too so I understand. I just decided that I was sick of the smokes controlling me and everything I did!!! Do anything else. Call a friend, get online, go for a walk. I wish that I had had the gumption to quit a long time ago. You can do it!!!!
  • Think about the long term, not right now. If you are moving and you are eating better you are successful!!! It will happen!! Stay positive and remember it is worth it!!!
  • Hi Tara, If where you live is safe, then get out and walk on your own if you have to!!! Get some pepper spray or a big dog, just start with a few steps!!! I am Dayna..I live in South Carolina or else I would join you!!! LOL!!
  • Hi!!! I started about 10 days ago. I have already lost a pound. I can appreciate the all or nothing way of doing things but after awhile I start to feel deprived. I have managed to have real desserts twice in the first week and worked it into my alloted calories. Nutritionwise I may not have been on the mark but I have…