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  • Didn't do day D3L1 yesterday, I figured by staying under my calorie goal and the 2 hours of walking taking my little one trick or treating would be a nice off day. I AM SO SORE... in my armpit area??lol anyone else feel that there? Anyway, happy and motivated to start day D3L1 today :)
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  • Currently using 3lb weights because that's all walmart had -___- but going to switch to 5lb weights by day 10!
  • Hellooo Everyone! My job is doing a biggest loser challenge for the month of november and I'm determined to win! Not to mention maybe this will help keep my losing the lbs after I've done it for 30 days. I'm the mother of a 1yr old and reside in good ol' Texas! I don't currently have any friends on MFP so please feel free…
  • Completed day 1 level 1 yesterday..and suprisingly I'm not dead! I took before pictures..but after looking at them I wanted to vomit.. so probably NOT going to post them. Can't wait to finish this program! Any results are better than none
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  • Going to add my pics today after work!
  • In the same boat. Mentally, I'm on board the weight loss train.. now I just need the support! My SO always tells me that you don't need support to lose weight and that I should just be able to do it on my own.. I agree to a certain extent.. but "I" do need motivation and support.. it doesn't mean you're weak or unable. You…
  • Interesting--- bump!