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  • Feel free to ad me .... My dairy is open ... I eat less meat because it has less calories. A green diet has more nutrition, it also has cut my food cost in half.
  • Hey everyone, You should all try Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics aka OCCmakeup. It's the best!!!! Lip tars are the most popular of the line, their vivid full coverage lipsticks. They go on like lipgloss but stays on like a long wearing lip stain. All I can say is amazing. The full line includes loose color pigments,…
  • I haven't had boxed cereal since I was a kid. I'm now 41 . I call them crap in a box. Their basically a box of refined sugar and enriched powder. Whole grains are the best , oatmeal is good but buckwheat is better its gluten free, so is quinoa.
  • Hey everyone, 40 is the new 30!!!!! I feel great and I want to look great also. This is the perfect app and group to make me accountable! Add me as a friend we can do it together :happy:
  • I say nay to cheat days, train your taste buds to appreciate the taste of healthy foods. A cheat day only reminds your taste buds of excess sugar salt and fat and it never get used to the taste of delicious tasty fruits vegetables and lean meats.... That's just my thoughts :smile:
  • I think In the age of technology it's important for kids to be able to use all tech devices thats out there. Times are changing quickly and we all need to get with it, kids are the future and giving them the ability to compete with the rest of the world is only an advantage. My kids have had cell phones since they were ten…
  • I love my scale it really made me realize how much I was eating. Eventually you won't need it as much you pretty much will be able to eyeball quantities .