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  • Hi everyone. I'm Jody. I'm a 36 year old mother of two under 4. My partner works 60-90 hours a week (yeah. A week) so for the most part I'm doing it all on my own. It hard. I'm here because I need to find a support system as my partner really doesn't want to hear anything about it. Anyway... I'm looking forward to getting…
  • Ack! I didn't delete it! What on earth did I do... I'm gonna get it figured out! --- Ahh. I moved it. That's what I get for attempting to organize. ;)
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  • Thank you, Brittany!! I did it!! ::dancing around::
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  • Thanks for posting!!
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  • There is a new facebook group. It was started last week based off some interest from members here. It's really taken off over there!
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  • I'm in Wellington! :) I'd love to have more local friends on here!
  • I've made it a closed group so we can have some privacy to add before/after pictures and keep them amongst ourselves. I will add anyone that sends a request to be added and feel free to add/invite your friends. The more, the merrier.
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  • Here we go. I'm still setting everything up but the Facebook group is active! Spread the word!
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  • I liked that one also!
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  • Would you guys like a Facebook group? I can look into it.
  • What's the focus of the challenge? I'm likely keen, I can easily report once a week!
  • Yes! I did too! :)
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  • I weighed in at about 220 and I want to be in the 190's by September. Also, on a more personal note, I'd like to have more core strength so I can get up from the floor without using my hands. This is part of my freshmeat intake skills test and it's my biggest weak spot right now. Does Summer Sopranos have capo's?
  • WHOOP! I was hoping you'd say that Brittany!
  • It's more of what you're able to do. You'll know after trying a couple days worth of workouts. :)
  • Welcome back! I'm so glad you joined this group and the DietBet! I'm also in on the diet bet. :)
  • If it's a stretching day, I'll usually enter it as pilates or calisthenics. If it's a cardio day, I'll add it as such. I use an HRM though, that may make it a little different for me. Before I had the HRM, I tended to log the workouts to what gave me the smaller burns but that was so I wasn't tempted to eat back all the…
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  • Sorry if these have been said before but I didn't read through all the comments. I like to set a reminder on my phone or computer that I can snooze. I'll drink say, 10 gulps then snooze it for 10-15 minutes. Then have some more. Snooze. Drink. Snooze. Repeat as long as you need to. I still do that from time to time. And on…
  • You look incredible. Great work!
  • OK girls, I'll set one up for June. I'm sorry I've been so slack the last couple days. I'll do my best to post every day. :) I have also joined Cassey's June diet bet. I'm pretty excited!!!
  • I'm glad you're back! Don't stress about making anything up - just do what you can. The important thing is that you're doing something. ~Jody
  • Ow. My legs hurt. My bum hurts. My internet connection must have sucked tonight because my videos kept stalling. The Beyonce Badonkadonk one I had to skip. I'll try to get it done with tomorrows workout. Remember, modify if you're not feeling quite strong enough. There is nothing wrong with putting your hands under your…
  • I'm in Wellington, New Zealand. Currently freshmeat so I'm trying to work on my balance and stamina. Hoping to play for Richter City Rollers.
  • If anyone can do it, you can! Great job! I hope you got to have some great times with your brother.
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  • WOO!! Great job!
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  • Thanks!!!
  • Good job ladies!! I still can't make it through the burpee workout. I just do my best but I highly doubt I get more than 40 or 45 of them done. :-/
  • What would you like to do, Brittany? Weekly? Monthly? I know I'm not going to be taking my measurements again until the end but I'm not opposed at all to doing weekly or fortnightly weighs. Anyone else out there have any opinion on this?
  • I didn't think I had been doing challenges but reading your reports, perhaps I have been without knowing. I cook a healthy dinner pretty much every night for my kids and I. Some nights we have cheese sticks and fruit but I'm trying not to do that as much! Yesterday I walked just over 9000 steps. I started my c25k program.…
  • WHOOP!!! Great job, capo!