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  • Glad you enjoyed your ice cream! Sounds like a delicious flavor
  • I am sorry you are feeling so down! Could you give yourself a mental break for a month by eating at your maintenance calories? Just make sure to keep logging! Maybe after a month you'll think of some other approach. I think you're right though that our bodies are a mystery sometimes...
  • I haven't told anyone I use MFP besides my doctor. I purposefully don't talk about counting calories in front of anyone and if I turn down an offer of food or take a smaller portion I don't say it's because I'm counting calories or on a 'diet'. Maybe once I've lost enough weight for it to be noticeable someone could ask,…
  • Do you take off enough time for recovery between weight sessions?
  • Yes I would love friends! Don't have any yet. I joined last year and logged for about a month but not consistently enough. Now I am back and more determined, and want to get more involved in the community as I think that is the way to do it. :)