Want random active friends? join here



  • jessiej99
    jessiej99 Posts: 28 Member
    Let's get it done pals. I'm in for support, motivation and fun!! Thanks...
  • mesicali_chica
    mesicali_chica Posts: 71 Member
    Yay! I could always use more pals....add me too.
  • babydaisy81
    babydaisy81 Posts: 218 Member
    Me too!
  • stacy21273
    stacy21273 Posts: 1 Member
  • Cherrio2
    Cherrio2 Posts: 1
    Yes!! I need support to keep myself accountable and not falling back into old habits.
  • MrsPaulSmith
    MrsPaulSmith Posts: 401 Member
    Right now I am nearly vibrating with motivation. Just waiting for the crash. :-p
  • BRA_S
    BRA_S Posts: 111 Member
    I added a few of you. I love active people on the site, especially with open food diaries so I can get ideas lol. Feel free to add me to.
  • Feel free to add me. Just joined.
  • Hi I'm Alexander, I love staying fit and healthy. I most recently started the Project 10 challenge to help me and a Army buddy get back in shape. We call ourselves Team Sparta..Check us out here...Http://teamsparta.myvi.net , we will update you all on or own personal challenges too..
  • Seraphina_Rowan
    Seraphina_Rowan Posts: 179 Member
    Hihi everyone! :D random?
    I love random!
    *kitten* me if you'd ;like!
  • MrsPaulSmith
    MrsPaulSmith Posts: 401 Member
    Hihi everyone! :D random?
    I love random!
    *kitten* me if you'd ;like!

    trying to sneak a cuss word in? ;) :-p
  • swimber3
    swimber3 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm motivated and ready to do this. Add me if yall want.
  • carrieg03
    carrieg03 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi everyone, I am recommitting and am trying to do this for the first time with some much needed support. Would love to build a support network of like minded people on the same journey!
    I can't do this on my own!
  • I have been on mfp for 13 days and would love motivational friends
  • crosstraindylan
    crosstraindylan Posts: 124 Member
    Feel free to add me.
    I am not only active, but also random and friendly
  • ccmzone2013
    ccmzone2013 Posts: 177 Member

    Anything can be achieved!
  • Add me! Ive been logging 32 days now! The more friends the better! :D I'm female, 23 years old!
  • jeffsweightloss
    jeffsweightloss Posts: 314 Member
    Welcome everyone! Best of luck on your journey! Stay positive...some days will b better than others! We got this! See everyone at the finish line! Strong friends make this journey fun n enjoyable! Ready, set, go...2 the new u!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful day!
  • zellturtle
    zellturtle Posts: 6 Member
    Yes I would love friends! Don't have any yet. I joined last year and logged for about a month but not consistently enough. Now I am back and more determined, and want to get more involved in the community as I think that is the way to do it. :)
  • briannashaw_
    briannashaw_ Posts: 59 Member
    I sent a request to most, if not ALL of you! I love random and active friends! :laugh: