• Level 1 Day 2 COMPLETE! Kind of sore, and can't really do push-ups still... For an extra push up modification, I've been actually doing wall push-ups for one of the sets, and modified push-ups for the other. They still work out your arms, but they're slightly easier. By day 5 i'm going to do (hopefully) half modified and…
  • Hey girl, I log mine as "Circuit Training, general" and I log it as like, 21 minutes.
  • Starting Level 1 Day 1.... now! Wish me luck!! :)
  • I'm about to do my first day of the 30DS! I just took all my measurements and a before picture. Weight: 179.5lbs Height: 5'8" Bust: 38" Chest: 35" Waist: 31" Pooch: 38.5" (yeeeargh!) Hips: 39" Thigh: 27" Calves: 16.5" Upper arm: 12" Forearm: 10.5" Neck: 14" My goal is to get down one pant size by May 31!
  • Count me in, too! Could I get an invite to the group please? :D I'm excited!