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  • I lost weight just fine without restricting carbs (at 50+ years old, not during any significant amount of exercise during my initial weigh loss phase). Probably averaged around 45% of my calories coming from carbs during weight loss (generally more from carbs in maintenance, since my approach is to make sure I get enough…
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  • You say "site," so these directions are for the website, not the app. Go to the Food tab. Click on the Recipes tab. From there you can choose one of the two green buttons ("import" and provide the URL where the recipe you want to use is, or "Enter new recipe" just under where it says "use old recipe" calculator). I prefer…
  • But youn so far as we know, are not the OP. See cmriverside's response above.
  • If you have a freezer (or freezer compartment in a fridge) and you're running it, it's cheaper with respect to electricity to keep it packed. A freezer has to work a lot harder to keep air (empty space) cold than to keep food cold.
  • Why would OP give it as a gift if they think they're not effective? "Hey, honey, here's this thing I think is a waste of time, space, and money, just to show how much I love you"
  • For canned beans that are meant to be drained (i.e., they're not in a flavored sauce that is meant to be eaten with the beans), I generally use USDA database derived entries in the form of "Beans, [type, e.g., pinto], mature seeds, cooked, boiled, with [or without] salt" -- that is a drained weight. A given brand of plain…
  • Actually, the reason you can't edit it is that you're the one who created it (wacky, I know). The system seems to assume we're all perfect and therefore couldn't possibly want to correct our own mistakes. However, since it's public, you could ask a friend to edit it.
  • All good information. Just wanted to add that in the Android app (and I would also assume Apple is similar) you can simply swipe/drag your entire current diary page left to right to move to yesterday and right to left to move to tomorrow.
  • Doesn't really work that way, other than your potential energy as a physical object. (Also, if you're doing it right, it takes more energy to descend a significant grade on foot than it does to walk on a level surface.)
  • Or you could do it yourself. It's a user-sourced database, with the ability for users to edit entries. ETA -- Also, there's no guarantee anyone who works for MFP will see your post. The Community Forums are mostly regular users, just like you.
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  • Thanks for the clarification.
  • Just for clarification, in the U.S., we only call the "sweet" (i.e., not spicy/hot) capsicums bell peppers. I think (but could easily be wrong) that in some parts of the English-speaking world, capsicum refers not only to bell peppers but to hot peppers as well, which in the U.S. are called chilis/chiles (or chili/chile…
  • Sorry -- what says 929? Edited because apparently I can't type one sentence without a typo. :s
  • I agree with everyone on the need for OP to drink more and see a professional about disordered thinking, but just wanted to add that malnourishment can cause water retention and abdominal swelling (thus tighter clothes). I don't think suggesting possible malnourishment is out of line for someone 5'3" and 105 lbs, who is…
  • There's no way for a calculator to know how long you cooked the soup at what temperature, and thus how much water you cooked out of it.
  • Welcome! At first I thought you meant vet like veterinarian and was wondering what sort of work you did in the public school system! :)
  • You're using a bad database entry. Search for "Peppers, sweet, green, raw" or "Peppers, sweet, red, raw" or "Peppers, sweet, yellow, raw"
  • Depending on what your calorie limit is, 6-7 bananas a day could be using up a sizeable proportion of your calorie budget (for me, that would be more than a quarter of my daily calories), and might make it difficult to consume enough of other foods that have nutrients that bananas lack or are low in (fat, protein, iron,…
  • Are you using the website or the app, and if the app, which one (iOS or Android)? If you're using the website, when you click on "add food" you should see five tabs, and "frequent" should be the second tab. Click on it and skim down for the grapes entry you've been using. Alternatively, if you've logged grapes recently,…
  • I like pretty much all kinds of tea. Like all babies are cute, all teas are good? Favorites include earl grey, irish breakfast, and chai. Usually black and unsweetened, but when I'm feeling under the weather I might add a splash of milk and a bit of sugar -- takes me back to my childhood when I got tea and toast when I was…
  • I would go for sad rather than appalled. Is your daughter a child/teen, so that it would be appropriate for you to lovingly explain that this is pointless and wasteful (using two tea bags to get a single weak cup of tea). She could use the kcup device to heat the water and just put a single tea bag in the cup, then let it…
  • My Foods is automatically populated with foods you add to the MFP database (not your personal food diary) or foods in the database that you edit. You'll find foods you eat frequently automatically added to your personal frequent foods tab.
  • Drinking (to stay hydrated) is generally more important than eating after a bout of vomiting, assuming you haven't been running a huge deficit for a sustained period before getting sick.
  • I was aware of that, but I didn't see website log-in problems listed as one of the listed "symptoms."
  • I think you may be overlooking the fact that BMR does not account for all of your pre-exercise calories. You should be subtracting your deficit amount (e.g., 500 calories for 1 lb a week) from your TDEE, or from your NEAT and then adding your exercise calories back in.
  • This is an ongoing problem. Please read the notice in the yellow box at the top of each page of the community forums on the website and in the app.
  • First, on these boards you're not addressing the folks who run MFP; you're addressing other users, who have no ability to fix tech problems on the website or app. Second, this problem has existed for nearly a week. They're working on it, and currently plan a two-year shutdown this evening (28 April). See the notice in the…
  • If you go to View Full Report (printable) from bottom of your food diary on the website (not sure whether or how to do this on the app), you can deselect food and exercise logs, leave only the notes field you use selected, and view a month of notes at at time. You can also print them (to .pdf or paper) in one-month batches…