• HI, I have that goal to lose that 20 pounds by Christmas. And to me that will be a Huge Achievement!!!! I have been sick for a very long time. And I am tired of it all!!!! I am on disability....and I need to take better care of myself. Just so everyone knows....I am starting my weigh in on Tuesday Sept 17th. The reason is…
  • Hi, I am Lizzy....and I live in Riverview/Brandon area. Hillsborough County. Anyone on here live in this area. Need to make some new friends. Mine are all married and moved away
  • HI!!!!! I am in Riverview/Brandon area.....HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY!!!!
  • I am 242 pounds....and my Goal is to get down to 155 pounds!!!! I this is where I am most comfortable. Good luck everyone!!!
  • Hi Everyone, My name is Lizzy!!! I am 45 years old...married with no children. Unless you can call having 3 Kitties children. I do. I call them my babies. I love them. Anyhoo, I am woman who has alot of health problems...and I really need to lose I may have a better quality of Life. I was told that if I dont do…