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katehamilton25 Member


  • Okay, so taking all this advice into account my plan of action it this: I will make sure that I NET 1200 calories a day (the number generated by MFP) bear in mind that I am just over 5 foot, and I will introduce basic weight training once a week. If I feel adventurous I will increase this to twice a week but I will…
  • Wow, thanks for all the feedback. My BMR is 1300 and my weightloss is set at 0.4kg/week (1pound). I will have to up my net calorie intake which isn't what I wanted to do but I will. Thanks for the info on weight training and adjusting what I eat. I don't feel like I know what I am doing in thoe areas at the moment. I will…
  • Thanks for the feedback. It is hard because I either eat too much or too little. I always struggle with balance. I guess I will have to try and up my intake. Thanks for your help!